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The Strategy


Step 1...

First print out the last month's draw for your favorite state..

Focus on one state only.

http://www.lotteryamerica.com/Results/sat.htm find your state here.. print the last months draws..

End of Step 1

Step 2.. Surely you have completed Step 1 before going on to this step..

It will be impossible not to do so..


Step 2...


After printing your state's last month's draw.. look at bottom.. furthest draws away..

now remember the vtracs...?

1= 0,5

2= 1,6

3= 2,7

4= 3,8

5= 4,9

 IT is important to know these .... print those if you must..

now back to Step 2

Look at last draw on bottom of page..  let's say Jan. 1

if the number was  705....

Take these three pairs  70  75  05  and then add 25 20 55

These are your pairs for next draw..

make combos..  700, 701, 702, 703, 704, 705, 706  etc.. Do the same with each pair..

Now look to see what the next draw was..

Sometimes you will see that evening number brings midday number for those states with two draws per day..

After doing this... do it for the whole month marking those that hit.. either the next draw..

eve to mid.. or mid to mid.. or eve to eve


Step 3

Hopefully you have done Step 1 by now.. and Step 2.. Those are important steps..

This next part is the tricky part.. and you will be amazed..

First let's discuss doubles...

highlight the doubles  on your chart..

Now.. look for one of those numbers, or it's vtrac number to be used with the number 0 in a few draws past..

Example..  664...  you will see 60  40  10  90 pair come out soon..

Amazing huh..

Now another tricky thing is fake doubles.. That is double vtracs like 832.. now you would have three pairs to look for  80 30 20

Finish this step...

Step 4 to come.. 


Step 4


Another thing to remember.. write it on your hand if you must.. or on your face..

4=9 as vtrac.. it also indicates a possible 7 coming..  same thing for 9


148  could come as 178..

you can find that 47 and seven follow one another.. as does 9 and 7



Step 5


When you see a 0...  look for one of the numbers with it to come in a double..

Valuable info here... doubles are better pay outs..

ex..  780...  you could see 88  77  or an 8 with double.. or 7 with doubles..

Sometimes.. their vtrac mate will appear..

Keen EYE.. that what we all need to use..



Entry #1


Comment by mymalwl - February 26, 2005, 11:45 pm
This is very good infor brain, storming .You do have a few good ... tricks. that can well be used.YOU are indeed in it too win IT ..and me 2 .thanks again...
DMikeXComment by DMikeX - March 9, 2005, 9:51 pm
where do you get the 25 20 55 from.....

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