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Irresponsible Predictions


Last Edited: April 27, 2007, 4:20 pm

Somehow I have gotten into a nasty habit of "impulsive (or is it compulsive) predicting".

It occurs to me that this is very irresponsible and can only serve to damage my credibility (such as it is up to this point Roll Eyes) as the failures continue to mount over time.

I have no business predicting for all three numbers (groups) when in actuality I have figured for only any two of them.

As of right now I won't post any more of these type predictions but will instead opt to wait until I have a clear bead on what all three of the columns are doing and not just what any two are doing.

This will result only in failure anyway since the phenomenon requires the use of all three columns.

I will however continue to predict particular sequences in the particular orders that I believe they will appear. (I just won't make any more irresponsible "guesses" toward what will appear in the column that I didn't figure for.)

I guess I was just excited to relate any ol' thing I managed to pick up in my examinations of these states' recent drawings.

There's no need for me to rush these things anyway. A renewed dedication to discipline and patience on my part is called for. 

Please disregard the WV Daily 3 prediction I made earlier. I am not confident at all now that it will appear -- not tonight anyway. (There is a chance that it still may show up -- if not tonight -- over the course of the next few drawings though.)

I apologize for wasting your time with my irresponsible predictions.

Regards eveyone.


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