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pick3/4 LRS and PB/Cash5 LoopRS work continues...


Given the fluke win this week, I figure on dropping some of the cash on a live-fire LoopRS/LRS test for the month of may...

Powerball (one powerplay ticket per draw)

Cash5 (one per draw)

Pick3 ($1 st. pick per evening draw)

pick4 (one 50cent st. bet per evening draw)

total cost to run the test... $95.50

the fact that the process is continually being tweaked makes me think I should wait a bit, but I'm just too curious.

Criteria: $95.50 set aside to play, winnings for the month MUST exceed this amount (I have a tracking sheet in excel ready for this). Box hits are not being played so they don't count.

hits that make the test a success...

1 st. on pick3 or pick4

one hit on Cash5 for 4/5 MIGHT do it (hard to say with pari-mutuel prizes tho) or enough 3+0 hits (LoopRS picked two 3/5 hits in 2 weeks).

one 3+1 or 4+0 hit on PB definitely (because of the extra $9 figured in for power play), or some combination of 3+0/2+1/1+1/0+1 that exceeds $95.50

I will keep track of the wins on this particular thread as comments... hopefully I have something to post... either way, I never won the pick3 before so I guess 2-1-5 is my "lucky number" but I won'tbe playing that again unless LRS calls for it. IF the hit comes on P3/P4 I'll start posting those here (for entertainment purposes only) once the system is stable... I can generate the whole month of pick3 at once, but because the system is still being tweaked, they are subject to change frequently.

just for kicks, tonight's LRS numbers for PA eve...

Pick3#  0-6-3

pick4#  2-2-2-0

and for sunday PAeve

pick3#  8-7-3

pick4#  9-0-4-2

Given the fact that this is the first system I have worked on that uses the game's own randomness against itself, I am particularly excited about it... doesn't hurt that it won me $510.50 this week either:-)

Note the games that are NOT in the test

Pa pick3mid/pick4mid (don't want to reward state for computer drawings)

PaMatch6/Mix-n-Match (don't believe in $2 games unless I choose to "powerup" in PB)

Pa Treasure Hunt (no data/too "gimmicky")

IF the test is a success I will NOT have the time to do these workouts for other states but I could post the PA pick3/pick4 sheets to show how it was done. I WILL sometime this year work up sheets for South Carolina pick3/4/palmetto cash5 because win or lose we are planning to move there next summer...

Since this is my first multi-game live test and I like to name everything...

this is the "Synch-O de May-O" test :-) because I am using the SAME system to pick 4 different games. Live test not possible without the kindness of Lady Luck and the number 2-1-5, so I'm excited, even more excited that the whole thing is being funded by a win rather than my own money.

Entry #135


hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - April 29, 2007, 11:34 pm
well the "just for kicks" numbers fell flat... C5 had 2/5 (free play tomorrow) so I will end april with $1.50 in bets.
side note- Test for may will be a blackout, I have noticed that my POSTED picks never come up for PA, so I will be testing that theory out as well.
Test starts tuesday... any wins posted right here on this thread as the month progresses. Goal is >$95.50... budget is $95.50
each game to also be judged on it's own merit... I'll always play PB, but C5/P3/P4 gotta earn their place... (considering P3 is funding the test, that's one keeper!)
hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - May 4, 2007, 5:33 am
3 days down, no hits yet.
Finally figured out a way to possibly automate the procedure on a big scale using Visual Basic. Going to try a nested loop that does what I do manually now and saves the results to a CSV format file, unless I can brush up on working directly with an excel file.
I'm picking VB over VBA because I needthe practice, been awhile since I fired up visual studio... 6 or .net
after the program does it's thing I just add the proper numbers to the existing excel backtest file and check the results to verify the accuracy. then phase 3 will begin, recycling the error correction scheme I used for an OLD powerball sheet 2 years ago... hopefully all this can be done in time for a June test, but if not then I will wait until it is done before proceeding. (have enough dough left from the win for one more "freebie" month-long test)
hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - May 4, 2007, 9:45 pm
drat, never installed VB6 back on the PC since the HDD crash and the CD won't work... guess I'll have to wait and swap it for a known good one tomorrow :-(

I figured out (on paper) the basic nested loop that will be the heart of what I need, I just don't remember any programming... zilch...zip...zero!
Dusting off the old Sams.net learn VB6 in 21 days book (again)... need to brush up on arrays and working with excel files. Hard to believe I was a certified VB6 solution developer... yikes. GLAD I didn't abandon excel!
I want to get everything automated now that I understand how it works manually, so I can constantly re-run the program after each month of drawings to be sure I have the most accurate LRS. What they need is a conversational english programming language... tellit what you want in plain everyday words and let it present it's interpretations... so easy to MODIFY an existing prog, much more of a challenge to start from scratch.
hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - May 7, 2007, 11:03 pm
7 days, no dice... not even a 2/5 on cash5...
only 24 days to go.

gotta get that VB prog done!
hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - May 11, 2007, 7:55 pm
friday's evening pick4 number in PA...5-4-1-3
my pick... 5-4-1-6
Hits seem to have dried up for now, but these picks are not even 1% thru yet, working on coding the VB program now to automate months of slow updates into about 10 min. of array processing.
hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - May 15, 2007, 10:23 pm
first blood in the may test.
$2... wow

consecutive 2/5 in last night's and tonight's PA Cash 5
only $103 more bux to make the test a success...

oh well, still half a month to go.
hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - May 20, 2007, 2:04 pm
Everything is slowing down with the numbers... No new hits to report. ALL the remaining pick3/pick4 picks for may are posted above...
Hoping to get something but not worried about it because this month AND next month are still being paid for by that $500 april win.
June will most likely see the end of my playing pick3/4 and the addition of the Match6 for a total system play cost (with powerplay on the PB, Cash5 and Match6) of $66... I'm excited about adding the match6 because of backtest results... I even started by playing a ticket for this tue. and fri. to get a preview (cost and wins are NOT part of the may test however, even tho it is an LRS picked game)
The only way I stay with pick3 and pick4 is if another win materializes before june 1...
hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - May 21, 2007, 9:08 pm
one more dollar, courtesy of cash5...
grand total for may so far $3...

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