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In contemplating future changes, it's always a good idea to look back and see the evolution of how we got here, and most importantly, why change is so important.

I tend to think of Lottery Post's "old format" (just a tree-style single forum) and the "new format" (modern multiple forums), but there have been many other changes to the home page along the way.

So I put together this mini slide show to give a taste of the changes over the years.

All of these changes seems natural and common sense, but those who have been around the whole time may remember how at the time they heard people voicing their dislike of the changes, or maybe even disliked the changes themselves.  Change can be a jarring experience, so it's a natural reaction, and I take the negative comments with a grain of salt.

So without further delay, on with the show!

Original Format

May 2000 - December 2001

The original Lottery Post was created as a kind of side-show to my most important site at the time,  I started creating both sites in 1999, and they finally both debuted in May 2000.  At the time I was a very good programmer, but Web development was still a little new for me, so it took a while to build the sites.

Also, up to that point I only really had very basic graphics and design skills.  Whatever skills I had came from my experience building Executive Information Systems (EIS), which were business tools created for executives of companies, so that they could browse important reports and information by clicking their mouse.  It was kind of like using a Web browser, but it was really an application running on their PCs.

So some things I created for Lottery Post were "OK" graphically, but compared to what I can put together today, the graphics STUNK.  However, I think I made the right decision to launch the site anyway, with its bad graphics and very basic design, just to get things going.

For many months after the initial launch of Lottery Post there was very little activity, for a couple of reasons.  First, it was hard to find.  The only way someone could find Lottery Post was by clicking a link on  There was no Google, and getting to the top of Alta Vista's search results was daunting.  Second, the big forum of the time was at a site called Maybell's (which is no longer around).  Lottery Post had very little compared to Maybell's, so there wasn't much of a reason for people to post here.

Original Lottery Post



Format #2

December 2001 - September 2002

In December 2001 Lottery Post got its first face-lift.

Up to that point got most of my development attention, but after a year or so it became apparent that as Lottery Post started to become more popular I would have to de-uglify it.  (i.e., "make it look better".)

For the first time I also started requiring that people register a username in order to post.  Before that, anyone could post anything, so as you can imagine there was a lot of spam I had to delete.  Requiring a membership cut that down a bit, as well as protected people from posting with other people's names.

Apart from smoother graphics, the major design change was moving to a left menu, and away from the button bar across the top.

It's kind of hard to read the text on the small image below, so you might be interested to know whose posts are listed.  Recognize these people?  Lucky, JAP69, Michael J. Smith, emilyg, whish, Ganyo, jd, TheGreenSage, Jona, lootch, GA Girl, billyloco, Pick 3 Fairy, and Sandy K.

Lottery Post Format #2



Format #3

September 2002 - July 2003

The most radical and controversial change in the history of Lottery Post, people told me "I love it" and "I hate it", but nothing in between. 

All I knew at the time is that I HAD to do it.  Lottery Post was starting to grow, and things were starting to get unwieldy.

To make the new design (which took me several months) I studied popular forums on the Internet, copied what I liked, and built from scratch what i didn't.  I copied a lot of the graphics, but over the years have rebuilt every single graphic image to something I created myself.  I wanted Lottery Post to have its own unique look & feel.

It's interesting to note that Lottery Post still was just a forum.  The home page is the main forum page, not a real home page.

Lottery Post Format #3

Format #4

July 2003 - May 2007 (with several tweaks along the way)

In July 2003 two important changes occurred.  First, a real Home page was added, which showed the latest 10 news stories, the latest 15 posts, birthdays, and site statistics.  Later, sections were added to the Home page to show the latest predictions posted and latest blog entries.

The second big change was the addition of real drop-down menus and the blue menu bar at the top.  With the incredible number of features added over the past several years, the drop-down menus have been critical to being able to manage it all in a way that is easy to navigate.  The only real drawback I have seen from the menus is that many newbies do not take the time to explore all the menu options, and thus miss out on many important features.  This is something I will address in the future.

Note in the image below a few interesting tidbits:

  • Very small menu bar
  • "Forum Jump" combo box is still there, and was eventually removed completely (in favor of the Forums menu)
  • 20 members online -- nowadays that number is usually between 600 and 1000 at any given moment
  • Record of 123 members online at once at that point (now the record is 9123)
  • 2022 total members (now 52392)
  • Same basic format is still in use today

Lottery Post Format #4 

 Current Format

May, 2007 - ?

This is the look most of you are well-familiar with.  Will it change in the future?  Only time will tell.  But one thing is certain: if it does change many people will hate the change, other people will love it, and everyone will eventually wonder how they lived without it.

Current Lottery Post Format

I hope you enjoyed the look back!


Entry #166


Avatar pacattack05 -
I can only imagine the memories bring...
Avatar MADDOG10 -
Nice drive looking back..! It's really a good part of history to keep in the future.     Thanks
Avatar jarasan -
That is neat. Us newer members can really appreciate your work and get to have a look at the evolving forum, all for the better on each transformation.   Some of the earlier arrangements that you had are still out there in other different types of forums and have not evolved, LotteryPost has evolved and is something to be very proud of, you have done a great job and I know a lot of people in this community appreciate the ease of use and accessibilty that you provide, also the responsiveness and attention to detail you provide is impressive. I think you treat this full time and it shows. Thank You.
Avatar JADELottery -
Ah yes, the days of old.
Was, is and will be great to watch the changes.
Avatar sysp34 -

Thank for the info I guess it answer my old curiosity about Lottery Post site because when joined in beginning I thought there must be "economic management" platform or at least it build from prior project and know you talking about EIS "Executive Information System"

Btw, may I ask some question about EIS since I curious about "strategic management"

* Does EIS like Strategic Planning Software like "checkmate plus software" develop by Dr Fred R David?

Or is it like Gryphon software (I'm forget they called) I think they use Strategic Management by weighted company resources and use SWOT analysis

Or EIS like ERP "Enterprise Resource Planning" and you retrieve from AS/400 or Server Computer for this data: Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Human Resources, etc

* Does EIS use International Standard Organization check list, I mean really ISO not adjustable from any company demand because I thought when we use Standard Organization plus Strategic Management (part of Six Sigma and or qualitative and quantitave analysis) it must be a lot easier for any company/manager to make any decisions with paperless analysis and the rest dealing "luck" (which is part of plan or tackling and problem solving any company condition and environment)

well thank for any information and good luck
Avatar Todd -

I think you have misunderstood my comments about EIS. Lottery Post is not based upon EIS or any other software. It was written from the ground-up by me, not based on EIS software. My point was that I had experience designing EIS graphic interfaces, which were semi-popular when there was no such thing as Intranets or web sites.

Executive Information Systems is a general catch-phrase for software that basically presents corporate data on an executive's screen. Like glorified reports, except more interactive than that. Terms like "drill-down" were invented by EIS systems to refer to the ability to click on a summary data number and see the detail underneath.

So EIS systems could receive data feeds from the types of systems you mentioned -- especially ERP systems, because they tend to support the backbone of corporate data. Also, strategic planning systems are a great source because they allow management teams to massage the raw data before it is seen by executives. The point is that whatever data is shown in an EIS tends to follow whatever the corporate culture is. Some execs like to see raw data, and others like to see only data that is "tuned" by individual departments.

I got off track with talking about EIS systems, but I do want to be clear that I mentioned it in my blog only because designing EIS systems was a skill that I relied upon when designing my web sites. Lottery Post has no code or graphics from an EIS system though.

Avatar sysp34 -
thank for the info,

and there are complete different think between EIS and LP the similarity is created by master programming Chief Bottle Washer :)

thank and good luck
Avatar gocart1 -
keep up the great work Todd..............dennis
Avatar LottoBoner -
Very interesting. I noticed there was an ad for a Northrop Computer.
Are those the servers you use for LP, and did you invent it specifically to handle your traffic?
123 online. hard to believe. Hard to believe I was playing five years before I heard of your site. Good work.
Avatar Todd -
I used to build the computers myself for sale. I do build my own servers, but they are not something I sell. (I built all the servers that run Lottery Post.)
Avatar LottoBoner -
I think I am going to try and build me a server.

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