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That Kool-Aid is some serious stuff.


Here's a guy that fried his brain from drinking too much.

Entry #92


Comment by noise-gate - June 10, 2021, 10:02 am
* Right! Mumbling garbage & breaking off sentences because he lost his thought & did not know what he was talking about. Thing is people flocked to rallies to hear & see that awful display from the leader of the free world.

*Its no wonder the vast majority of Americans on election night said " Okay, let's pull the plug on this show."
Comment by Brunette21 - Yesterday, 1:35 pm
🤣🤣🤣🤣 Indoctrinated
Comment by Stack47 - Yesterday, 2:32 pm
Speaking of indoctrination many of the Trump supporters are refusing to get any of the doctor recommended covid vaccines because they are taking a "spoonful of Lysol" every day.
Comment by Brunette21 - Yesterday, 11:02 pm
Sodium hypochlorite
Comment by noise-gate - Today, 12:07 pm
* Truth be told, sometimes it's hard to get over things you never think possible.

* Your teenage daughter gets pregnant, yet she was never seen going out with a guy, straight to school & back.
*The wife is husband is having an affair.
*You laid off at your job where you were told you an excellent worker & just got a raise.
*Someone broadsided your new car parked in front if your home.
,,,, to name a few " no way" comments.

* Then we have a non politician who for 4 years filled the airways with lies after lies, went after his enemies, broke laws, was impeached twice, dismissed a pandemic that took the lives of hundreds of thousands of American lives.

*** But his followers want him back in the Oval office, because to them, it was impossible for him to lose. Right, Ok.
Comment by Stack47 - Today, 2:05 pm
Saw the opening of the Late Show after the local news and Colbert announced they were going to replay the March 12, 2020 show. That was the day when almost every event in front of live audiences were cancelled. That was the same night Trump addressed the Nation, they show excerpts from it and Colbert commented.

We know "Kool-Aid drinking" is a metaphor, so I won't call all the Trump supporters that didn't question his reaction to the pandemic that night "Kool-Aid drinkers". Hanging on after he suggested ingesting disinfectant or those voting for him 8 months later didn't actually qualify them as "Kool-Aid drinkers" either.

Nope, The real "Kool-Aid drinkers" are the people still supporting the "big lie" especially after losing over 60 court cases and hearing Trump inciting an insurrection by storming the Capital Building while Congress was in session recording the Electoral College results.

In Jonestown the intelligence of the followers was questioned, but that was about religion where it's very difficult at best to question intelligence. It's night and day different when people don't know the meaning of fascism but still say there is something wrong with people against it.

Been following "Applegate", but waiting to remark until more is known. But based on some of the preliminary stuff, people might by spending time in the Graybar Hotel.
Comment by noise-gate - Today, 2:44 pm
Wanna hear something weird Stack,

According to Senate papers released recently:
Mark Meadows pushed the justice Dept in the dying days of the Trump administration to look into whether Italy had " altered the Presidential results" through Satellite. Where on earth do these guys come up with this stuff? Don't answer that..lol.

First it was looking for bamboo in 40,000 ballots that supposedly came from Asia and was dumped in AZ to flip the election for Biden.

Kinda reminds me of something my wife told a weeks ago, which l found funny.

* The cop stops this guy for running a red-light. The guy looks at the cop and asks " Why are you pulling me over?

Cop: Because you ran a red light Sir!"

Man: Well, there was no cross traffic and l did slow down.

Cop: You do know the difference between stopping & slowing down, right?

Man: You just harassing me now.

Cop: Well, let me show you the difference..

Cop starts beating the guy on his head with his note pad and asking " Do you want me to stop or slow down?
Comment by Brunette21 - Today, 3:59 pm

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