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pick 3 & pick 4 players reality check


Here are a couple of idea's for the everyday lottery player to play pick three and four and possibility win in the short-term long run. I'm using short-term long run because if you do this and win you wll be up but in the long run if you keep playing you'll most likely put it all back. So my idea is play big. But not over your head, play only what you can afford to lose. To play big you must narrow down the number of combinations you play and wager more money. This way if you do get lucky and hit, you hit Big. You will be able to play longer with the houses money before you end up giving it all back. An if you get super lucky and get on a streak and do this multiple times and you can play for a real long time before you give it all back. Give it all back you say, yes. Because unless you stop playing you will most likely give it all back.  My other way to play is called lottery maintenance. This is wagering only one dollar on pick three and pick four per drawing. This way your in the game and you might win a few bucks but it you don't you won't be out too much cash and while playing your expecations don't get to high. The last to months I've been the worse kind of lottery player, though the lottery loves guys like me. I been throwing lots of money everyday at multiple combinations never putting too much on one combination because they all look good. Do I win, yes. But for how long? I won (or should i say borrowed from the lottery) 16k in 2001. Wanna know where it is? Yup you guessed it. The lottery called my loan and they took it all back. Sure I played for a long time but now it's money out of my pocket again. Just imagine if I didn't win that 16k where I'd be now? I'm not saying to stop gambling. I'm saying think about what your trying to accomplish when gambling. The lottery is rough, it's an everyday thing for most people. I don't want anyone to get in over their head. Play smart and play alert. If you don't have a clue as to how much you spending on the lottery, you should keep track of all your wagers for a month, it's a real eye opener. Maybe you can vary from playing big and lottery maintenance from month to month. This might be the best of both worlds for everyday players. I suggest not to do this weekly because it gets very frustrating if your number hits right after you switch to lottery maintenance but a month seems to be a good divider of time. Well I hope everybody has a good March. Good Luck and play smart. Your friend fast eddie.
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