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VB6 Prog. assistance needed...


Anyone have a good link or can describe the process of loading an array from an excel file? Do I need to use the Jet ODBC engine for this?

I'd rather not go through the cumbersome line-by-line, element-by-element process of using a .csv file to load the array... There must be some way of just grabbing the data straight from excel.

I'm going with

Dim intPick3(1 to 10376, 1 to 3) As Integer  '10,376 is # of draws in Pick3

for the array of PA evening pick3 data. If I recall correctly, this should give me 3 columns * 10,376 rows (31,128 elements). "10376" will likely be replaced by a variable so I can have it read the actual number of draws for re-runs and updates.

I did work with VB6 and Access, but I can't unearth any decent info on working with excel. All I want to do is use a loop to load the array from an excel file that has the 3 digits in the first 3 columns, not reading dates and the first subscript in the array will represent the draw number.

thanks in advance for any help :-) 

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hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - May 12, 2007, 2:05 pm
The LOGIC section of the LRS program works!
now all i need is to load the Pick3 history from a CSV file... Why are there no easy examples in the MSDN?
I want to read a csv file containing pick3 results into a 2 dimensional array... and there is where I am stuck...

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