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Trump Claims Americans 'Refusing to Take the Vaccine'


I was never told or even asked to get vaccinated, but several government and social outlets are recomending we all get vaccinated. And the last time I looked it was our prerogative. So to say "people are refusing" is not only misleading but yet another bald face lie because you can't refuse to do something you were never told to do. 

Now some employers are saying getting vaccinated is a "condition of employment", but only time will tell if that stands up in court. As for me and after reading all the pros and cons, it's still a personal choice.

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Comment by noise-gate - July 19, 2021, 4:11 pm
* Why did Trump get his shots? Would conservatives as a whole have followed his directions or is it simply politics?

* Kinda like your dog will only eat food from you & not strangers. I know my dogs do, you can throw them a steak & they will look at me first.

*So Trump supporters would only have taken it If he had won re election? How do you spell SHEEP?
Comment by noise-gate - July 19, 2021, 8:48 pm
* Why are people even listening to Trump? Isn’t he “ out of office?” Why doesn’t he go deep sea fishing?

*Wouldn’t it be something if he hooked a marlin and was pulled overboard?
Comment by Stack47 - July 19, 2021, 9:49 pm
There is no vaccine for kids under 12 so it's not like they or their parents are refusing to get them vaccinated. Trump's thing is to lie and when that doesn't work, change the subject and tell some more lies.

Let's hope Trump's ignorance doesn't get more people killed.

Comment by noise-gate - July 19, 2021, 10:24 pm
* l am reminded of how HW Bush treated Clinton when he was defeated by this young and upcoming Governor.

* He left a letter for Clinton and told him " You will not get a negative word from, you won and going forward it's your responsibility to serve the American people now.

* Fast forward to our time, and you have Trump criticizing Biden for just about any & everything in the country. He forgot he had 4 years to do as much as he could, but fell short. He had his time in office, time to let go, but will he?

* It's like a book l once read: Fiction, but where this enormously talented Doctor in his 40's is visited by Death. He pleads with Death for a little more time and Death tells him " You had 18 months in which you did nothing, you felt sorry for yourself, you were brokenhearted over losing your best friend, you wanted to Die, well l gave you that time, and now l am here..
Comment by Stack47 - July 21, 2021, 3:59 pm
The question of having a choice for getting vaccinated shouldn't be political, but we shouldn't be surprised when the "ex" tries make it that. Trump was even ill enough after contacting the coronavirus, he was sent to Walter Reed. Because of that there should be zero debate on the seriousness of the pandemic yet we have people still arguing against getting vaccinated. In some work places getting vaccinated now a "condition of employment" and many colleges are making it a "condition of admission and attending classes".

A district court judge in Indiana upheld Indiana University's vaccine passport rule. The judge said not getting vaccinated "impacts the public interest" because "the students are not asking to be allowed to make a self-contained choice to risk only their own health".

We have people upset because the airlines now have mask mandates. Can't imagine what those people will say when they need proof of vaccination just to purchase a ticket. Only fools downplay getting vaccinated for a virus that so far is related in the deaths of over 600,000 Americans.
lakerbenComment by lakerben - July 21, 2021, 6:30 pm
Comment by noise-gate - July 22, 2021, 12:54 am
* Why did Trump get airlifted to Walter Reed, since he considers himself a pillar of strength?

* Have you ever seen the guy yawn?

Comment by Stack47 - July 23, 2021, 5:16 pm
When Trump got out of the chopper and took off his mask, I thought it was Bernie from "the Weekend at Bernie's". Bet Mike Pence thought so too.

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