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The Secret


Hi everyone,first of all i like to thank all for their comments in the previous Blog,Justexploring i have something that makes the Text larger,thanks so much for caring,As promised to everyone i want to tell you all what i think about the Secret,This Talking Book is still Talking since i wrote the earlier blog; i just couldnot put it away ,normally i listen to my music but not yesterday or this morning i am listening to my future,yes folks this book is a miracle in words; the most beautiful words,it is so well spokened it gives you the control and the power,you decide on how you choose to use the secret,I learned that their are Laws that govern our Universe,Our way of thinking is the force,we are attracted to things and things are attracted to us,whatever we want in life can be acheived through the secret,i call it our power ,our inner strength,Each and everyone of us are already impowered with this secret,it has been right in front of us all the time; we just don't quite understand it but now i do ,before i can use the secret i must understand and come to accept myself because you can't began to achieve anything without self acceptance and belief in yourself,i am beginning to work on that,somehow i know i can acheive success,i love this book so much i am listening to it again,i just want to bathe myself in these ideas of everyday living,amazing how it reflects on your own life as if the book was written just for me,I think everyone should read or listen to this book; i am sure it will have an impact on your life because it will CHange mind ,Thanks for reading my Thoughts,Wishing all of you the Best of Luck in what ever choices you make for you and i are the ones who control this UniverseLovies

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csfbComment by csfb - May 9, 2007, 1:43 pm
I feel your enthusiasm, Delores. It is contagious.

The big secret behind "The Secret" is ACTION. My dad used to say, "Begin the begin." I was younger than and I didn't quite grasp what he meant. But I'm older now, and now I understand: Begin - no matter how small. The inertia of motion will take over.

Best always.

emilygComment by emilyg - May 9, 2007, 10:25 pm
csfb - we had the same dad. lol

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