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Free College Scholarships for Everyone..


Last Edited: May 18, 2007, 11:17 pm

LOTTERY MONEY GOING "ONLY/SOLELY" TO HIGHER EDUCATION--Theory (just trying to make the world better)...
One thing i thought you could do is let all the 50% or 60% of the money collected from the lottery go SOLELY into Higher Education..Right now i think a good portion of the money goes to lower education and the rest goes to higher education in the form of the HOPE scholarship...Why not Let it pay for colleges and Graduate schools scholarships and in the form of grants...Right now you need a GPA (grade point average) of 3.0 to get the HOPE scholarhip (a scholarship that pays your university/college)[Here in Georgia, U.S]...But if you let the money collected from the lottery go (fund) ONLY to higher education, you can give yourself the luxury of lowering the 3.0 GPA to 2.7 or 2.5 (LOL), to get a scholarship or grants; all depends on you....Just imagine if in your country, the GPA to get a scholarship was 2.5? Is not only scholarship but grants too...You could "reach to the masses of students"; students that otherwise suffer hardship to go to college and live in the getthoes or are minorities, now have the chance to succeed...This would mean that there will be mass of students (almost everyone) with degrees and Bachelors Degree & Masters....You could give yourself the luxury of lowering the GPA of Graduate school to a low GPA (i don't know is up to you how you want to set it up)...Do you know what it will mean if the majority if not all of the students in your country had graduated from college or Graduate school? This would be a milestone in human society; a level never reached by a human society...Not everyone would be able to get a job of course, but at least your country's youth has reached a milestone...Specially women..All this AMERICAN youth with degree could afford to travel to other countries and get jobs there because they will be overqualified...One keyword is: OVERQUALIFICATION...A lot of young people will be OVERQUALIFIED in their respective field...Plus it will encourage learning...
I know it will be drastic and radical...Young kids in highschool and elementary will not get funding...But it will be for their own good and i mean that's the price you would have to pay for allowing the majority of students to enter college...
teens and kids in elementary school and high school will not get funding, but at least there is a GIGANTIC (to the point of almost guaranteed) chance they will get into college if they so desire..Why because the GPA to get a scholarship would be like 2.5 Which is not hard to get...
I originally emailed this to the embassies of India around the world to see if India would adopt this theory, but no one listen to me...This theory i designed it for the country of India originally...
"For the glory of Rome..."              from movie "Gladiator"
to be continued...
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Comment by pumpi76 - August 8, 2009, 2:39 pm
I read in an article one time on the internet that the lottery money set up for education doesn't even make a dent on education that the lottery money for education is miniscule compare to the funding education receives...Also tell me what does little kids remember from little school? tell me which one is more important, that a little kid in 3rd grade gets his LAPTOP or that a college student gets to college...Who will remember more...Little kids in 1st grade or 6th grade only want to have fun in school...

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