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P3/P4 was fun, but...


Last Edited: May 19, 2007, 12:21 am

May proving to be a tough month. Only hits so far are for $1 on Cash5 twice.

June is shaping up to just include Cash5/Match6/Powerball only... Drops total test cost to $66 (Down from $186 to include the P3/P4 Mid/Eve)...

But may is not over yet...

TONS of testing done tonight... Definitely ruling out LoopRS in favor of LRS for ALL games. Next tests up for P3 will be the classic 111 workout, but only one number results and it's added to LRS pix, not straight draw history.

Only reason I'm adding the Match6 is because of very promising backtesting, loads of 3/6 hits.

I need to study up on the "Offset" function in excel before implementing a "row shift" test on P3 to try and backtest for better hit frequency... AND I need to construct just the right "IF" statement for testing the 111 theory.

Can't believe I met my entire weekend's programming/testing goals inone night! That VB took what would have been months down to mere minutes.

I have been kicking around the idea of dusting off my old "Coincidizer" seed-hunting program and unleashing it on the mid-day data now that it's over 1500 draws in PA... Time will tell.

B.T.W. ZERO advantage to entering DRAW ORDER powerball data... each position tests higher using SORT ORDER data.

Off to run one more test tonight... to see how many times the powerball could have been called from the white balls... will take >34 times to make me take notice...

Good Luck all "weekend warriors" :-)

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