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Mrs. Royal & the French Elections...


Mrs. Royal & the French Elections...

The FRench are very RETARDED and dumb.... do you think i care that Bush stole the presidential race from AlGore? (don't get me wrong i am glad that bush started the irak war)(and bush is my favorite President more than any president ever)But do you think i would have care if president Bush didn't become president)...What they need to steel they don't, it just to prove that certain people are dumb specially around the world...From the country that brought you Joan of Arc...And i am very dissappointed to hear that Mrs. Royal is running to be the first Female President of France...Unbelievable...They are very dumb...The first runner in France (sarkozy) is just running for show...French are retarded & dumb that's why they didn't win the World Cup... France needs to make Mrs. Royal President of France... FRANCE NEEDS TO MAKE A WOMEN PRESIDENT... That's why white people need to see things through a BLACK person's eyes...like beauty for example... And i don't care if 2 women became presidents, one in the U.S and one in France, that will be wonderful...More power to them....They too damn dumb in France....And just to think that the French call themselve a  World Power...A Power supposses to be so advanced that women can become president as many times as men.... MRS. ROYAL, YOU ARE DOING A PHENOMENAL JOB...YOU WILL BE REMEMBERED... And for your consolation tell me if France different from Spain...Because if you say yes, all i can do is laugh.....Ahhhaahahahh, ahahahaha, ahahhaha, ahahhahah, ahahhahahah..... maybe in the World Cup & population... And people went and see the movie "Casino Royal" aahah ahaha just to see a man get rich...(i am talking about the director/producer)...


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ToddComment by Todd - May 19, 2007, 8:28 pm
Are you aware that the French elections are over, and that Sarkozy has been sworn in already?

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