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Phase 2 of LRS... Data Analysis


LRS started as a simple way to get the most bang for a buck, one shot-done.

I finally figured out what to ask the computer and how to interpret the answer... but in this case, maybe the biggest number isn't the best.

LRS is fully optimized to deliver the highest occurrence of a repeating sequence OVER THE ENTIRE DRAW HISTORY... what If I start eliminating the top of the history list? The further back I go, draws must come off of the top because you would not have had that info when the game started.

I need to set a baseline and perhaps come within maybe 90% of the "Highest" number and get farther back. If 200 draws back matches 1000 times and eliminates 200 of 10000 draws, that leaves a 10.2% hit rate... wow, an RNG can match that with no problem... now, if 1500 draws back, 900 matches occur... we go up by .2% what about 4200 draws back catching 900 hits? (this is per position, not paying hits) that's 15.5% and better than the base RNG...

I MUST run this tomorrow night... going to try with all the games and shoot for the highest PERCENT of hits, but staying within 90% of that position's current hit count.

Also, only a few days to go before dropping the pick3/4 from june's scheduled test. Will run cash5 (so far the only producer in the may test), Match6 and Powerball.

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