Pick5 & PIck6: How to win it..(Theory)...



I thought about this idea a long time ago and i am
posting it here so everyone could read it..Is a little
bit different..For example, a wheel for pick5 would
have the following ratios..2/3 (2even & 3 odds), 3/2
(3even & 2 odds), 1/4 (1 even & 4 odds), 4/1 (4 even &
1 odd), maybe it will have 5/0, 0/5 but they will not
be common and we are not concern with those two..Same
thing if you analyze what plays on a pick5 for an
entire month you will notice that each one of those 4
common ratios (1/4, 4/1, 3/2 & 2/3) EVENTUALLY PLAYS
in less than 20 days..The trick is to create (this is
a radical idea), an abbreviated wheel that will only
have 1 even/odd ratio, preferably but not necesarily
the most common even/odd ratio and that it will be big
in size, like size 25 or 28 for pick5, 1-35...You
could choose any of the 4 common even/odd ratios for
pick5 since they eventually play on a period of 15
days, (i say 20 days to be on the safe side)...

Again the trick is to creat an abbreviated wheel that
will be composed of 1 even over odd ratio only and
that will guarantee you like 20 tickets having 4of
5..Such a wheel, SHOULD be less combinations than the
complete abbreviated wheel..Using a wheel composed of
1 even/odd ratio only, I speculate that you should
have to play like the 3% of the complete abbreviated
wheel, perhaps less...If you can create a software to
design you wheels composed of only 1 ratio, it will be
perfect..And since you are only playing the 3% or less
of a complete abbreviated wheel, all you have to do is
play the wheel EVERYDAY until your particular ratio
shows up but you wouldn't have to wait long because
the ratio shows up normally withing 10 to 15 days...I
call this technique "WAITING IN LINE"...because you
are sort of waiting in line for your ratio to
play...Almost every day or every 2 days a different
ratio plays...

YOu have to think about something when playing the
lottery, why waste money on a wheel when you are
waiting on 1 particular even/odd ratio to play...I am
going to post a 30 day example of even/odd ratios of
the lottery for you all to see how often each ratio
plays..If you select the most common even/odd ratio
then you shouldn't have to wait that long...This
technique is more effective and cost less than
employing a regular wheel to play...This technique can
be applied to pick6 too..The problem is finding a
software that can wheel an abbreviated wheel using
only 1 even/odd ratio...I was told lotto designer
could do it but i haven't tried lotto XL designer...

Lottery wheel filtering software works one of two

A standard wheel is generated and then everything but
what you want is removed. The wheel's guarantee is
destroyed with the removal of even a single

A conditional wheel is generated on the fly around
your filter settings. The wheel is generally a larger
sloppy wheel compared to a standard perfected wheel so
the savings isn't a great as you'd think.

What i describe would be a conditional wheel..But in
no instance i am referring to applying filters to a
wheel seeking one even/odd ratio...That's not what i
mean..When i say a wheel with 1 even/odd ratio i mean
designing a wheel from the ground up with only one
even/odd ratio as its backbone...I mean weaving the
numbers just the same way they weave (sort of speak)
numbers on a wheel (even though weaving numbers is a
little bit more deep than wheeling)...When i say from
the ground up i mean someone with a deep knowledge in
combinatorics that could weave the numbers of that
particular conditional abbreviated wheel with 1
even/odd ratio...

IF you apply filters to an abbreviated wheel the
guarantee is lost...

When i say creating a conditional abbreviated wheel
with 1 even/odd ratio from the ground up I mean
something exactly similar to the "crossword puzzle'
but instead of letters you use numbers (a Sudoku) and
you arrange them mathematically and combinatiorally
that would have a one a even/odd ratio and produce a
conditional abbreviated wheel......

Here is Georgia's Pick5 (Fantasy 5) numbers from
december 1st to December 31..Notice how each ratio
appears less than 20 days...The first number (top) of
the fraction (ratio) is the quantity of even numbers
and the second number (bottom) is the quantity of odd
numbers..The first ratio shows you how it is written..

01-12-14-18-26= 4even/1 odd

11-12-20-22-39= 3/2

04-11-14-36-39= 3/2

05-13-21-25-37= 0/5

03-18-25-28-35= 2/3

07-12-24-26-35= 3/2

08-16-20-24-33= 4/1

04-18-24-32-34= 5/0

10-14-15-21-37= 2/3

05-19-23-28-35= 1/4

07-10-15-30-33= 2/3

03-10-14-27-32= 3/2

10-11-12-16-30= 4/1

09-13-27-28-37= 1/4

01-13-14-25-34= 2/3

13-21-22-24-26= 3/2

03-16-17-29-35= 1/4

01-07-28-32-38= 3/2

05-16-17-34-35= 2/3

20-23-25-27-35= 1/4

02-04-06-30-38= 5/0

03-13-31-32-37= 1/4

09-12-19-34-36= 3/2

07-13-25-27-30= 1/4

09-20-23-30-37= 2/3

14-15-16-24-25= 3/2

09-12-15-27-29= 1/4

06-09-13-26-29= 2/3

03-04-17-18-20= 3/2

02-22-29-31-33= 2/3

04-06-07-31-37= 2/3

Not only you can let your wheel have 1 ratio
(fraction) but you can let it have 2 even/odd ratios
(though no more than 2 because it will then cost a lot
of money)..But having 2 ratios will cost you a little
bit more money than having 1 even/odd ratio
(fraction)...And if i were you and i was going to let
my conditional abbreviate wheel have 1 ratio or 2
ratios, i would have use the most common or the 2 most
common ratios...I will look at the history of the game
and see what ratios are the most common..2/3 and 3/2
are the most common even/odd ratios..One of the ratios
is more common than the other but for that you will
have to look at the history of your particular game
and see which one it is, whether is 3eve/2odds or
2even/3odds....In this 31 day sample i just showed
you, the ratios (fractions) play in less than 10 days
(actually is less than that but if you were waiting on
1/4 from the beginning you would have to wait 10


TN ratio from Dec. 1 to present























You would have to generate a full wheel and apply your
conditions and the reduction would depend on the even
to odd ratio of the numbers you choose.

A full 15 number wheel has 3003 combinations and if
you chose 10 odd and 5 even numbers and your
conditions were 3 odd numbers and 2 even numbers, the
number of combinations would be reduced to 1200. If
you applied the condition of 2 odd numbers and 3 even
numbers to the same 15 numbers, the full wheel would
be reduced to 450 combinations. So the number of
combinations does depend on the numbers you chose.

"IF you apply filters to an abbreviated wheel the
guarantee is lost..."

These are full wheels where 5 will get you 5 if the
conditions are met. You could of course try to
abbreviate either wheel to 4 will get you 4, 3 will
get you 3, or any win guarantee, but the 5 will get
you 5 guarantee will be lost.

Tntea from Dec.1 if you was to use the most common
ratio (3/2) you would had gotten it correct 9 times in
22 days and if you had chosen the second most common
ratio (2/3) you would had gotten it right 8 times in
22 days..If you chose 1/4 you would had had to wait 8
days for it to appear...And 14 days for 4/1 to
appear...Though, you have better luck if you choose
the most common ratio (fraction) which is between 3/2
and 2/3..YOu have to look on your particular state to
see which ratio (fraction) is the most common...Even
though, you can use any of the four ratios, As a rule
of thumb use the most common ratio (fraction)...

Stack47 said: "You would have to generate a full wheel
and apply your conditions and the reduction would
depend on the even to odd ratio of the numbers you

My intention is not to create a full wheel but to
create abbreviated wheels that will have like 10 or 15
4of 5's..For example according to wheels store an
abbreviated wheel size 15 with 15, 4of 5's comes out
to 1,062...If you count that amount (1,062) and
analyze how many 3/2 for example that abbreviated
wheel it will have you will realize that it will have
a lot less..

I know that a full wheel size 15 will have 1200 with
3/2 and 450 with 2even/3odds...But i am not saying a
full wheel but an abbreviated wheel, that's what every
person should seek...

Again i am not talking about creating a full wheel and
then applying conditions...I am talking more about
creating a conditional abbreviated wheel from the
ground up with "CONSTRAINTS" almost the same way you
begin to fill a "crossword puzzle or sudoku" with
"constraints" on it...Example of constraints: first,
you let EVERY LINE of the conditional abbreviated
wheel have 1 ratio (fraction) 3/2, 2/3, 1/4, or
4/1...Secondly, You then let every line and group of
lines of the wheel in "unison", guarantee a 4of 5 and
so on successively...

But you are right stack47, i just realize what you
said...the amount of reduction will depend on how many
even and odd number you choose for your wheel..IF you
choose 10 odd numbers and 5 even numbers the reduction
will be a different number than if you had chosen 8
odd numbers and 7 even numbers...(i was starting to
wonder what stack47 meant by 10odd and 5 even
numbers)...But this would mean that a person will have
to constantly (daily) create a conditional abbreviate
wheel from the ground up with constraints to keep up
with the daily ratios...

"You're not really starting with a full wheel because
the number of combinations is reduced by the ratio of
odd to even numbers. You get the same results by
creating two zones, one with all odd numbers and the
other with all even numbers."

"There are 11 ways you can wheel 15 numbers with a
ratio of 3 odd and 2 even numbers and the reduction to
the full 15 number wheel (3003 combinations) depends
on which one you use. Maybe somebody has formula to
determine how many 4 if 5s are in each of the 11
different ways."

Thanks for searching how many times/ways you could
wheel 15 numbers with a ratio of 2even/3odds but I was
talking about a 3 even/2odds (the first number is the
even number and the last number of the fraction is the
odd number)..For i didn't have an idea how much it

Even though you are not starting with a full wheel
because you reduced the 3,003 combinations to have 1
ratio it is still a full blooded wheel because
conditionally it will guarantee a 5of 5 win, and
that's not what everyone should do..Everyone should
seek several 4of 5 tickets and not 1 ticket with 5of
5..Why?the answer is COST...It will cost you a lot of
money..Not only that but when you start using big
wheels (example size 26 and up), the cost of a reduced
section (not a reduced wheel built from the ground up
with constraints, the last one will cost you less than
a reduced section) with 1 ratio and a big size wheel
that guarantees a 5of 5 ticket will cost you a lot,
lot of money, maybe inaffordable for the common
people...That's why is important that a person get
several (more than 8 less than 20) 4of 5 tickets in
the reduced section....

They got softwares (lotto boss pro, and i think
lottery director) that can tell you how many 4of 5
tickets a wheel or a reduced section will have, but
that's if you apply filters to a full wheel...It is
not building a wheel from the ground up with

"Laura Simpson from Great Lakes, Illinois deserves to be rich..."       "She is
so rare...."


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