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the "idea well" is running low...


trying to come up with new systems or variations on existing systems is a mentally draining experience... some days or weeks you are just FULL of ideas, then times like right now, zip..zero...nada.

I work with chain reaction but not whole-heartedly because I have no intention of playing the mid-day games. Seed Hunting is BORING.

LRS test will need to wait until the draw results for tonight (Phase1 vs. Phase2). Next month I will be down to Cash5/Match6/Powerball and the following month, since I will be using my own cash again, I'm back to just the powerball.

I have nothing else... I tried to optimize and error correct LRS, but that's basically built-into the system, it's already as good as it gets (and it hasn'tbeen that good lately).

I am contemplating a cheap wheel system, 5 lines (one PB betslip) using the LRS pick as the DN source... I might call it a "Training Wheel", but I don't really do wheels (the whole "one ticket per game" thing).

I don't know what to do next for system development... LRS was my magnum opus because it actually worked once (just once). I have been thru filters, statistics, skips, pairs, v-tracs, LRS, PRO-file, someof Ian Saliu's stuff, WINhunter, Neural Networks, Angles(using Auto-CAD), The Chief's "Bell Curve", A wacky system that never got anywhere based on the Periodic table of elements, tons of workout systems (such as 111), and a few others I have already forgotten (like the goofy MIDI based "numbers to notes" program I wrote to try and "Hear" the next sequence)...

I need new ideas, new stones to turn over, new places to look...

Anyone have any ideas? From the above list, NOTHING is too "out there"...

My only criteria is

A) must result in one playable ticket only

B) must be back-testable

but if it's not, it can be modified, so olet the ideas flow...

Entry #148


Comment by kitsmith - July 12, 2007, 8:02 pm
I'm new to this blogging thing (see my blog, "As-drawn, or numerical order?"), but it sounds like you're in a serious bind. Have you tried using Excel's FORECAST formula? You must be spending an inordinate amount of time attempting to come up with your next set of playing numbers. How many numbers do you come up with, and do you wheel your numbers?

I have more than 300 consecutive games (Mega Millions) worth of data and results; one of my matrices has returned (on paper) 6 Jackpots.

Good luck in the future!

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