LRS benefit list (psyching myself up)


Contemplating LRS, waiting for another win... Here is what I see as the benefits of this particular system...

A) Auto-ranging. Because it comes directly from past draws IN POSITION you don't have to filter out numbers that have never been drawn in that position. It will never call 01 as the second number or 54 as the third number.

B) Built-In Randomness. It uses the history, therefore the same source of observed /entropy as the game itself.

C) One Line. It only picks one line to play, very economical.

D) Already Optimized. No error-correction or delta needed.

E) It embraces Coincidence. That's what it counts! How many times has X happened.

F) It is back-testable. I can see how it did already, a key indicator in when NOT to play as much as what to play and when to play it.

G) I created it from a clean sheet. Leverages both VB6 and Excel skills, so I don't get too rusty in either one. NOT based on someone else's idea or commercial software.

H) It already worked! $503 to date won, $185 spent since adopting LRS... that's positive gain! AND it will get cheaper as I Eliminate games like the pick3/4 next month.

I spent $8 today... $1 on pick3, $1 on pick4, $2 on Cash5 (Phase1 vs. Phase2), and $4 on Powerball (Phase1 vs. Phase2)...I used to drop $10 on each PB drawing. I have made progress in cost-to-play!

the phases will be decided tonight, then I will be back down to $5 on a powerball or match6 day... After cutting the pick3/4, I will be down to $15 a week total! (7*Cash5($7), 2*Match6($4),2*Powerball/powerplay($4))

AND come july, it's the next phase of cuts... Cash5 only on jackpots of 200,000, match 6 only on draws of 1,000,000... I'll always have one ticket in the powerball. I am glad to be done with the QPs.

Maybe that will psych me up! 


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