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Letter from DNA


Last Edited: May 28, 2007, 4:24 am

I received this letter from DNA ...I don't know what they are talking about though...
Who will hit the first Billion Dollar Lottery? Have you ever wondered
if you would be one of those ordinary people?. Why not give it some
thought! , because there is a very real possibility that it will happen.

The Lottery industries are anxiously considering the arrival of the
biggest hits on the planet earth. So, Should We Changed The Way We Pick
Our Numbers? By all means "YES", because what's coming soon Could Take
On A Life Of It's Own.

We now must use technology just to stay in the game. Take a minute to
examine the beginning mergers of State Lottery games combined with the
possible collective jackpots of other countries, soon to be, the start
up of the Billion Dollar Lottery in the United States with payouts
larger then the G.N.P of most third world countries.

This new frontier in the Lottery World warrants a crucial examination
of what technological methods will the average lottery player need just
to stay in the game. With odds that will be reaching well into the
billions and payouts that staggers the imagination the average player is
going to need technical assistance in choosing and picking through
his/her numbers.

It's not a question of if or when but rather "Who" will lay down that
One Dollar bet and walk away with a Billion Dollars.

Today we live in a world where technology has made it possible for you
and I to play the Lotteries without even thinking about it. We let
computers pick our numbers with the hope that somehow we will hear that
little voice deep down inside of us all that will say " It's Your Turn
Now. "

has been producing hit numbers at a rate never before
seen in the history of any Lottery in the world since it inception. Many
modifications have been made to our formulas over the last two years in
order to keep up with the new games changes that seem to come out every
month. is in a class of it's own not only have we been
able to keep up with the changes in the Lottery, we stand alone in the
World in predicting Lottery Hit.

Our predictions are hitting on average 8 to 17 states per Day they are
all "Straight Hits". will continue to produce winning
numbers that you should use when ever you play the Lottery.

I am absolutely convinced, you are about to witness some of the most
spectacular events in the history of the Lottery as States and Countries
began to combined Lottery jackpots into the Billion Dollar payouts.
It is already taking place in Europe and it is destined soon to happen
in America.

will continue to play an important part in making the
dreams of the average player come true as we have been doing on a Daily
basic. Some of subscribers who have used   numbers have become
very wealthy and some Millionaires. I hope that you will be the next

COMMENTS: What they don't know is that the U.S only has to raise the price of each ticket of Powerball and Mega Millions to 2.50 & combined the 2 and i say once every 3 months the jackpot will reach 1 Billion dollars...Actually 1 Billion 250 millions...But if they raise the ticket to 5 dollars per ticket and they combine Powerball & MegaMillions and i say that every months and 2 weeks the jackpot will reach 1 Billion dollars...To be exact 1 Billion 250 million dollars....
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Comment by pumpi76 - May 28, 2007, 4:52 am
What they don't know is that a billion dollar lottery doesn't pay to have...A Trillion dollar lottery does pay to have because with 1 trillion dollars you can change the world, a billion dollar lottery is too steep and if you weight the pros and cons is not worthed...
What they also don't know is that more important than winning 1 Billion dollars is the movie "Red Planet."
A Billion dollar lottery is good for Africa, South America and Central America but for the rest of the world is not...Is good where stuff cost really cheap...A billionaire could construct the railroad system that will unite all of latin america for example...
More important i feel than a Billion dollars is to have a railroad system that will unite from Alaska to Argentina/Chile...

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