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June... gearing up for LRS round 2


May was a bust... $101 spent (from april's $500 fluke win) $4 won (all on PA cash5)

June gets cheaper... Tonight 1/5 on cash5, 0/6 on match 6... cost to play $3

tomorrow is another $3 day... then sun. and mon. only $1 ;-)

June cost will be $66 (again, from april's $500). Then for July I will be back to spending my own money, so more cutbacks will be made.

"paper" testing of scenarios on the Chain Reaction program are ongoing, again... no live tests planned unless I get AmAzInG backtest results (like 1 hit a month). This program is constantly changing... The first full run is testing the first 3 combos drawn in the PA mid-day daily number (pick3).... finding ALL integer seeds from one to a Million that produce that number... then they will be compared in excel to look for similarities.

If that produces desireable results, the program will be set to generate a year beyond the most recent draw. IF this works I will keep the output (a.k.a. "the List") as guarded as a winning powerball ticket. I want to beat them at their own game... I do not know if it can even be done, but if it can, I WILL do it, and most likely by summer's end. The actual live test criteria would be EVERY draw matches, but I might play around if it backtests 1 hit a month (rather than the 1 hit every 1.5 years of LRS). Think of the possibilities...

If the list works on a monthly basis, it would pay for month-long tests of ALL the games

If the list works on a weekly basis, it would fund "Jack"ing every powerball draw (like Jack Whittaker... play 100 QP's to win the PB)

Let's not even dare to imagine the list would exactly match... I would have to play musical retailers to keep making tax-free bucks


Seriously, it is keeping me sharp with VB AND excel, more so than LRS even.

I can't wait to see how LRS handles South Carolina pick3/4/palmettoC5 numbers.

Dusted off an old idea from back in the heyday... According to some, wishing is accomplished thru lucid visualization. So I saved a copy of the powerball numbers results page and tweaked the code so that my numbers appear with the date I will play them... Even made the scrolling marquee read "One winner in the state of Pennsylvania..." and reset the jackpot amounts to $15 Million Annuity and $7.1 Million Cash

Now before I update sheets or go online to "window shop" for Myrtle Beach direct oceanfront beach "palaces" that I could never afford... I point the browser to my local copy of the "dream results" page.

It's as lucid a visualization as I can muster. Glad my HTML skillz aren't going to waste :-(

I might try this with the palottery page to "wish" those Cash5 and Match6 numbers. And that is about as Mystical as I get... Sounds stupid,I know... but there are no negative effects to channeling positive energy... right?

oh well... back to my spreadsheets...

Entry #151


Comment by pumpi76 - June 4, 2007, 10:15 pm
i am quoting you: "finding ALL integer seeds from one to a Million that produce that number... then they will be compared in excel to look for similarities. If that produces desireable results, the program will be set to generate a year beyond the most recent draw."

you are starting to sound creepy...
comments: wouldn't you have to check the integer seed that produces that number constantly, like everyday, which from 1 to 1 million everyday i think is challenging (well maybe you wouldn't have to)...What if they (or the RnG) skip or change from seed to seed everyday....Then it will be worrysome...
quoting you again: "I do not know if it can even be done".....Keep it up, i have a hunch it can be done...
Comment by pumpi76 - June 5, 2007, 12:28 am
have you tried making money off of your research...Have you thought of creating a website (it will cost you 500 dollars for the set up, and 5-10 a month afterwards) and selling your seeds forecast for like 5 dollars a month...Just what you've said so far in your blog will sell....
Comment by pumpi76 - June 5, 2007, 12:33 am
And if you can't open up a website, have you thought of putting your blogs on Myspace.com? that's what i've done...Just put your picture and you are going to get lots, and lots of views...You know myspace.com has 90 million members worldwide and 45 million members in the U.S.A....
Comment by pumpi76 - June 5, 2007, 12:45 am
Can you imagine the POSSIBILITIES? Imagine winning Pick4, 4 times a day: That's 800 dollars times 7 days a week equals 5,600...5,600 X 4 weeks of the month = 22,400 a month free of tax...LOL...And that's pick4, now imagine adding to that pick3 and winning 600 a day from pick3 times X 7 days a week equals 4,200 times X 4 weeks of the month equals = 16,800 a month, free of tax...To a total of 16,800 + 22,400 = 39,200 free of tax every month...Now multiply 39,200 times X 10 states or so that have RNG = 392,000 dollars a month...FREE OF TAX...
hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - June 5, 2007, 5:30 am
scanning a million seeds takes only a few minutes. I need to rewrite the program using some different method to get farther than the first 3 draws though.

I don't believe in lottery systems for sale... I couldn't sell a faulty product with a clear conscience and I certainly would not sell a WORKING system... which I have yet to see.

I ramble on in my blog mostly to psych myself up to continue trying (in vain) to "beat the system".

but thanks for the comments :-)

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