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Avatar jarasan -
You know like suspending federal gas tax 18 cents a gallon, GD these leftists.
Avatar eddessaknight -
Aye Sully, we know the score, JB proposes a distraction of gas tax a three month federal tax mis-direction while his anti-oil regulatory policies continue unabated, to undermine investments in our own domestic energy sources :-(               
Avatar eddessaknight -
Mia cupa, my above response was attention intended to jarasan
Avatar rdgrnr -
He says he's doing everything he can to fix it when he's the one who purposely caused it.
He has no desire whatsoever to fix it.
This is all part of the New Green Deal that he's doing for AOC and the squad.
When he said he was going to "end fossil fuels forever" he meant it.
But don't worry, just go out and buy a $60,000 electric car or better yet, just don't go anywhere anymore.
There, problem solved.
Avatar jarasan -
Ok here is a riddle: Riddle me this!!!!!! How long can the USA run on the current green energy we have available today???? Answer: 11 seconds.
Avatar grwurston -
$5 a gallon X 20 gallons = $100. Subtract 18c a gallon tax savings. Cost for 20 gallons is now $96.40.

And this idiot actually thinks this is helping us?

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