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RNG does keep track of the numbers it spits out...


Last Edited: June 4, 2007, 10:46 pm

This is a post i posted saying that i believe RNG's Keep track of the numbers it spit out....
Does a RnG keeps count of how many times each numbers comes up or does it not?
i was studying RnG draws (output, as an experiment) and i noticed that some numbers come just a little bit more than others over and over, no matter how big the sample i use...And i have been wanting to know if a RnG keeps count of how many times each number appears...I would think that a RnG keeps count of how many times a number appears so that it can make (or attempt to make) all numbers, to some extent, appear the same amount of time...I tried one time looking at the math involve that they use to make Rng operate (the math/rules by which a RnG abides) but the math is like advanced math raised to the third power (math that i don't even think they give in college)...Just the algorithms throw me off..
I always thought that a RnG resembles a clock, sometimes an alarm clock...but the mechanism that operates it, i am clueless about...
Example of stuff that involves in RnG's is the cumulative distribution function that they use to check RnG's to see if they are truly random. I've never heard of cumulative distribution function and i've looked in all the math books including calculus, statistics & trigonometry...
I sometimes think that the government keeps the math and the work of RnG operation obscure in an attempt to not let it fall in the hands of crooks & evil doers...
think about the RnG are used in encryptions, i think they use it to protect houses from robbers(alarms), it wouldn't surprise me where they had nukes had some kind of alarm system that uses RnG...
But going back to the same question: Does a Rng keeps counts of how many times each numbers appears or does it not? Anyone knows?
Pumpi, to answer your question simply, No, an honest RNG does not track itself for number occurrences. Otherwise it wouldn't be a RNG. Even a rigged RNG wouldn't do that because then people would be tracking the numbers that have played the least with the guaranteed assurance that they'll be played more often in the future.
i believe it does..for it will not be a hard task..I am looking at the RnG results and something tells me it's got to be tracking the numbers because other wise some numbers will appear way more (i didn't say more, i said "way more") than others unless is like a bar floating on top of the range of numbers picking some numbers going from one side of the spectrum to the next...I am looking at RnG results and the numbers that play the most, barely play more than the others...Example if it wasn't keeping tracks of the numbers, number 20 for example will come up 20 times and number 3 (least played number) will come up 3 times..But that's not what i see; what do i see? Instead, I see number 20 come up 20 times and number 3 the least number played come up 16 times which should not occur...Perhaps RNG's do not keep track of the numbers it spits out 100% accurate but with some sort of notion of what numbers come up more than others...And yes Rick G the numbers that play the least end up with guarantee assurance show up later on, perhaps not 20 times but 16 times or 14 times...The RnG does keep track of the numbers it spits out...
A random number generator does not keep track of the numbers it has selected. It might use those numbers as seeds in its algorithm for future number picks, but does not track what it has picked in the past and then compensate for it in the future. That is an oxymoron to the concept of a RNG.
We all know slot machines use a random number generator and can be programed how and when to payoff within a percentage required by the gaming commission.
Despite all this said: I do believe RNG's keep track of the numbers it spit out...I did some experiments and there is no way that was just a random phenomena...I HAVE A HUNCH THAT RNG'S KEEP TRACK OF THE NUMBERS IT SPIT OUT, SO THAT IT CAREFULL SELECT IN A RANDOM FASHION WHAT NUMBERS IS GOING TO SPIT OUT NEXT...
On a related subject but at the same time different subject: here is a blog by hypersoniq (this guy sounds like a genius) and i think he/she might be on to something:
Entry #22


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