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Your Daily Pick3 & Pick4 lottery games..


Last Edited: June 6, 2007, 2:02 am

One advice about lottery systems that you find on the internet that claim they can make you win money...I don't know about all but this is what i think...If i had a money making system I probably wouldn't sell it to you...However, I michael Brown will do sell it you or making available to everyone, because i believe such act is Patriotic...I know is weird my way of thinking..But such act means that you wish people from your country, in this case the U.S make money and have a shot at the American Dream...I WILL sell such a system because i'll like to see Americans get wealthy and travel and not have to have 2 jobs with kids, barely making money to sustain themselves and their kids...I'll like to see Most Americans well off so that they can travel to other countries and show off their moneys in this countries...Do you think people that have the secret to the Pick3/Cash3 game care about other Americans? No they are not, they only care ABOUT THEMSELVES and they making money...I call this been PATRIOTIC....

Also is my believe that the majority of the pages that claim to have the secret to make you win your daily CASH3/PICK3 & PIck4/Cash4 (and only cash3 & Cash4 not the lotto) they have their page and if you look at their Presentation page on their website i believe they have in that page a sentence that it is true but you have to find it...The entire presentation page might/can be full of text but hidden in all that text is a sentence that it is true about wanting to win the lottery...It is sort of like encryption but in encryption you can't see nothing, while on this presentation pages there is 1 sentence or paragraph that it will be true...They really do not have the secret to CRACK your daily Cash3/PIck3 & Pick4/Cash4 but at least hidden on their presentation page of their website (the first page of their website) they will have a paragraph or a sentence that it is true or that it will help you understand how to crack the lottery...(I've seen this several times already)...I will also like to stress that you will only see this with websites that claim to have the secret to crack your daily Cash3/Pick3 & Pick4/Cash4 not with websites that claim to know the secret to win Pick5/Lotto5 & Cash6/Lotto6/Pick6....(definition: Pick6 refers to a game where 6 lottery balls are drawn, while pick5 refers to a game where 5 lottery balls are drawn, Pick3 refers to a game where 3 lottery balls are drawn, etc, etc)....And this people that claim to know the secret to win your daily pick3/Cash3 all they want to do is make money and more money they really don't care if their customers make money...I on the other hand all i'll like to make if i was to have a bussiness selling people the secret on how to win the pick3/cash3 is, 4,000 a month for the rest of my life...That will make me the most happiest person in the world...I really don't want to make more money than that...And so you know my favorite lottery game is: Win For Life...Why? because it pays you 4,000 a month for life what more could i ask for (of course it will be nice if i had Laura Simpson at my side but that's another subject)...Ok enough with the Chit-chat...

I am going to study pick3/Cash3 & Pick4/Cash4 in details, in a lot of details...I am going to persevere with them and learn every nook, every crany, every fisure, every possible thing there is to know about Pick3/cash3 & Pick4/Cash4...I am going to study pick3/cash3 & pick4/Cash4 in details for days, & weeks and see if i can find a way to beat that game...The problem right now is that I don't have a lottery software for pick3/cash3 & pick4/cash4...Why? Because i don't have a credit card...I have a debit card and i've been told it works just like a credit card, but i tried 1 lottery software with a debit card and they told me they don't accept debit cards, only credit cards and i don't know if is like that with every lottery software...All the lottery softwares i bought have been my money orders...Also the best software for pick5 or pick6 may not be the best for pick3/pick4...Right now i am busy with my money, but once i am clear off every spent i will put money on my debit card and I am going to try and buy me 2 lottery softwares (which should be next month in July '07 or August '07, i was going to do it this month but things got mixed up and expenses came up)...Right now i am eyeing a lottery software for pick3/Cash3 & pick4/Cash4 named: Versabet....I've always specialized on Pick5 & above, but now i think i am going to make a change and dedicate an entire 6 months to Pick3/Cash3 & pick4/Cash4 to see if there is really a way to Ace/Crack/Beat the game...And if things go well i'll start making Predictions/Forecast for pick3/Cash3 & Pick4/Cash4...This is my fourth attempt at trying to see if there is a secret on Acing/Beating Pick3 & pick4...My first attempt was done almost 8 years ago, and my second attempt was done almost 5 years ago & my third attempt was done like 3 years ago...My firsta attempt ended up in failure...My second attempt ended up in triumph but couldn't replicate the results & my third attempt ended up in failure...In all attempts i stuck for 1 month to a month and a half...On each time i used different methods..

to be continued....

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