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The Enchanted Knight


Once upon a time awhile back i met the most wonderful warm and kind hearted knight,he was the world to me,I worshiped him,it was the reason i got up in the morning and the reason i would rest at night,i couldnot wait for the sunSun Smiley to rise above the world because i knew i could count on him for anything,he was the most perfect advisor and could calm me and make me see things in a different light,i was so so happy but 1 day my knight took a breif vacation and returned 2 weeks later,To my surprise he was different somehow,i couldnot pinpoint it at first but when myMail For You letters went unoticed and i didnot get a simple hello i knew that something terrible was wrong,You see this perfect ,kind warm and gentle person that i thought was my knight would conversate and write everyone else but me,He even interacted in groups giving them advice but when i made an entrance he would leave; after a while i realized this perfect person didnot really exist at all but it was much too late  you see after all this time depending on him i grew an attactment and had fallen in LoveLove,i wanted a person just like that so badly i saw the characteristics in the wrong person; you see the Knight part of him,i mean the perfect part  was all in my dreams,this actually devastated me and i felt life everyday was a struggle because my inspriration and hope was gone,vanishedWhite Bounce just as it had appeared to me,I hope noone ever make the mistake i made of thinking the world of someone and putting them way beyond who they actually were,i miss that perfect person i saw in my Knight but i am now developing a new attitude that will  help me  cope with  life's  everyday  mystery  The EndCoffee,Delores247

Entry #48


delores247Comment by delores247 - June 16, 2007, 4:41 pm
The Best thing about the story above is it is true and still is true,You know how we can have a mind change about something or someone?Well i know this to be true in my heart which was split and hurt because of it but i will survive,it will take some time but i can do it,when i saw the flim Todd was speaking of in his Blog,i was so touched and sadden by all of the other people that hurt so from losing a love one that i thought i really don't have any problems at all compared to the people i saw in the flim you see while i have been wasting time worried about little petty stuff and of course my on going health issues and that's just it on going How blessed that is because so many others were not allowed to go on ,Now i will thank God for what i have and also Pray for the Families whose lives have been devasted by War,Peace    Delores247

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