Vladimir Putin falls down stairs and soils himself at official residence



Feel bad when that happens to anyone but Vlad been testing karma quite a bit lately. Hope he finds depends under his Christmas tree.

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Avatar Pick3master3838 -
Eff him... one out of three families in Ukraine don't have enough food because of the invasion. This is all while he lives like a super king. He's a hundred times worse than trump.
Avatar noise-gate -
* That’s the thing with people who are drunk with power, they just don’t know when to leave. Putin could retire to his country home & live out the rest of his life surrounded by loyal bodyguards- but no, the idea of releasing that power is to much to bear.
* Reminds me of another madman- home grown & a narcissistic A hole. Was given the opportunity of a life time to lead this great nation, but when tested by a pandemic- his true colors were revealed. If he wasn’t making excuses for his woeful role as Commander in Chief, he couldn’t give a rat’s ass & went golfing. Americans died while this clown drove around the links. Then when the idiot was voted out, he claimed fraud, and now wants the job back. Well we don’t want either on the world stage right now. Both are a threat to Democracy, l just wish Trump could have soiled himself while in that basement when the protesters came calling.
Avatar Stack47 -
In 1945 General Patton, although he might have wanted eventually to get to Moscow, made the case for at least pushing the Soviets back to their pre-war borders. And history tells us that was possible.

Trump's lawyers went to court today appealing to the judge that ordered the special master to overturn an appeals court ruling against her.

I suppose if he really believes the Constitution can be suspended and he will be reinstated, he drank way too much MAGA Kool Aid.

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