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The business I would start if I hit PB...


I would open a huge Skateboard and BMX bicycle action park.

I would incorporate Ideas I have drawn up for the ramps and flooring that would allow them to ride like normal but if they fall and impact, it would reduce the chance of broken bones.

I would create areas that would match rider's skills and budget...

Public area($3 all, $2 straight B's, $1 Straight A's)... I need to win the PB to keep this admission artificially LOW so more people get the opportunity to participate. There would be plenty of challenging obstacles but done safely, not like those public concrete pool parks. Here I would work with local school districts... ONE by getting kids to bring in copies of their report cards with discounts for all A's and B's, and TWO to get kids in high school who need to use community service as part of their terms of graduation to teach others basic tricks. That both helps the teacher AND the others.

Training area($5 additional, $4 straight B's, $3 Straight A's)... This will cost more to get into but will have PAID instructors. Here riders can learn more difficult aspects of riding like big Vert ramps or Backflips into foam pits (for safety, and it's just fun). Also a unique indoor BMX dirt racing track for practice in any weather.

Core area($2 additional, $1 straight B's, FREE Straight A's)... This will be the X-games sized ramps, park courses and dirt jumps... Visitors will need to be "checked" by instructors to qualify to enter (for safety). I would line up pros to do clinics and have pro-am competitions in here. No amount of money will get you into the core area if you are not signed off as capable by a staff instructor.


So access to the core area would be $10 max ($4 if you have straight A's)

on the cheap, a straight A student could ride for $1 a day.

these are just estimates... but I couldn't hold these kind of prices if I wasn't already a millionaire...

The whole park can be built in phases, with Public being phase one. I am looking into doing this anyway once we head south next year... but I would rather not have a huge loan and high admission prices...

come on MUSL... it's a good idea!

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Comment by chezel30 - June 24, 2007, 4:35 am
that is a great idea you keep the dream alive it sounds like you have put quite a lot of thought into it and i love the way you have incorperated saftey and school grades. i think you will make this happen in the future and hay if i come into a lot of money in the future winnings or other ways i would love to help out, i will add you to my favourates so that when i do have great finacial freedom we can talk money.

great plans i belive in your dreams. and i dont even skate

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