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Email Blog Website:Invention


Electronic Email Blog Website...Invention...


I got this idea like 10 months ago and i think it will be cool if they pursue it...I tried to get a patent for it but they told me you can't get a patent for something that is not tangible...Well here it goes...An email account if the perfect blog website, except that it requires a password for you to see it, and is not DISPLAYED on the internet...I used to keep like a dairy on my yahoo email account except that i didn't write my everyday account, but i wrote stuff i think were unfair or stuff that matter to me...On this entire blog i am going to use the Yahoo email accounts as an example...Let's look at the Yahoo email account...On the inbox you can have like 100 emails saved on the first display page, you can have more on the other pages that follow...I think you can have like 2,000 emails saved on the inbox i am not sure it could be more...Now Each of those emails (i call them blog because each of those emails could be a blog) can be like of an undefinate lenght (as long as all emails put together do not exceed i think is 1GB or something like that)....If you take a document of 25 pages in microsoft word and copied it all and them paste it on 1 email/blog saved on your inbox it will fit...And that's just 1 email, remember i say there could be like 2,000 or more emails/blog saved on your inbox as long as it doesn't exceed i think is 2 or 1 GB (or something like that)...Now that's just the inbox, is not including the draft folder, sent folder (that can also be used as a folder for something else), and the regular folders you can create..I am guessing by looking at the Yahoo email accounts that you can have like 10 folders...And think of each folder as a inbox (basically the inbox is a folder but it is viewed as a presentation page)....And in each of those 10 folders you can have like 700 emails saved or as i call them blogs or a very lenghty lenght...Now IMAGINE if each of those emails that you can have saved become blogs...(you can view them as blogs because they have the potential to be blogs and people view them more as "emails" as opposed to blogs)...And this is counting the text document it is not counting the pictures....You can have a folder or repertua of pictures you can also have on your email account almost indefinate as long as it doesn't exceed 2 GB (the funny thing is that there are emails account of search engines that will give you 10 GB for an extra charge, like 10 a month e.g Hotmail, Yahoo, etc)...And it gets better...You don't have to necessarily save the pictures to the Yahoo email account, all you can do is when you see a picture you can copy it by dragging the mouse, then righ click with your middle finger, the hit "copy" and then take it to one of your emails in any of the folders or inbox of the Yahoo email account and hit "paste" (in this case you are composing an email) and you send the email to "YOURSELF" and when you open that email on your Yahoo email account you will see it...The good thing about this method is that you email account (any email account you got) will display the image/picture...This way you can save a TON (and i really mean a ton) of pictures/photos on 1 single email...And the good thing is that the Yahoo email account will display the pictures...The good thing about this method is that it DRASTICALLY saves space on your Yahoo Email Account....Now What i am saying is that they could make the Yahoo email account or any email account and make them a BLOG WEBSITE and make them be displayed on the internet....But they will have to make it where the blogs/emails will only be displayed and there could not be tampered with unless you was the owner...I guess you will have to punch in your secret password to be able to modify or add to your blog...Now imagine that each of the emails on the Yahoo email account was a blog...I know they can do it...And think for a minute, there are lots of Search engines offering you free email account....And each of them has UNLIMITED number of Email account users and they are practically free...Now imagine if this was a Blog Website instead...I call this invention "Electronic Email Blog Websites"....I don't make a lot of money so i can not be the leader in this invention...In a way i'll be sort of like a follower not a leader...If they can have an unlimited amount of email account users, then they can make an unlimited amount of Electronic Email blog Websites Accounts" and the same way email accounts can be free with 1GB of space, Electronic Email Blog Websites Accounts can be free...I think is a great idea...I don't know where search engines get the space of host the unlimited amount of email accounts...

And tell me if any Blog Company on the market right now rivals what i just said...You know blog companies (i've called them) right now if you want to get a blog account what you are going to place in the blog (the text document) can't exceed 6 Microsoft word pages, while on a Yahoo account an email/blog (just 1 out of the Thousands) normally doesn't exceed like 25 or 30 microsoft word pages....And i bet you that with the blog company you can't exceed 70 blogs at a time without having to buy a new blog account, while the the email account you can have like 2,000 blogs ( in this case they would be the emails you can have saved on they email account) on the inbox...Just the inbox, not counting the 10 maximun "my folders" you can add, and the "sent", "bulk" and "draft" folders....What i am saying is that with the same "TECHNOLOGY" they built/designed email accounts they can design/built blogs websites....And you know how can 1 person have multiple email accounts, they can do the same thing with blogs, i mean there is email accounts to throw away, not to mention the ones that are closed and you can use the ID name because the search engine will tell you that that email account has been used...There is email accounts to throw away but there is no blogs company accounts to throw away...

to be continued....

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