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I'd been meaning to blog this little Chrome & Edge color tip for a while now.

Setting up a new Windows installation this evening I noticed that the colors being displayed in the Edge browser were muted.  It reminded me that not only did I need to fix that in the new installation, but also that I hadn't shared it yet on LP.

I discovered this tip many years ago after noticing that Lottery Post's colors looked much better on Firefox than they did in Chrome and Edge.  Eventually I found a tip online about how to improve the colors in Chrome and Edge to match what I was seeing in Firefox.

If you try this out, just know that it's easy to reverse and set it back the way it was if you don't like the result.

In both Chrome and Edge, you can get to the setting by clicking this link: Force color profile

That link takes you to the "experiments" page of Chrome/Edge, and the "Force color profile" setting should be shown right at the top.

You want to change Force color profile to sRGB.  (As shown below.)

After you change that setting, you should immediately see a button appear at the bottom of the page asking you to restart the browser.  Click that button.

When the browser restarts it will show the hopefully-improved colors in every web page you visit.

If you decide you don't like the change or for any reason want to switch back, just click that same link again, and change the setting back to Default.  Then click the button to restart the browser.

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Thanks for the heads up.

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