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If I win... (Plan details)



1.) Create personal property trustS (note the plural). The reason there are two is that I will claim the prize myself, but as a trustee. the name will imply multiple winners, but that won't be the case ;-) The SECOND trust is to transfer ALL of the assets into after the electronic transfer goes thru and I have access to the money... WHY? asset protection, the second trust name will NOT be publicised, therefore no frivelous lawsuits against it.

I am in the process of getting those ready NOW with my trust-authoring software... they will be ready to notarize in the event of a win, NO attorney required!

2.) print out the map to lottery hq for an easy trip in what I am guessing will be a frenzied state of mind. (DONE)


1.) Sign the ticket with my name AND the first trust's name, my bank already handles CDARS, so I just need to get their electronic transfer number before claiming the ticket and up to 30,000,000 will be insured in a CDARS account.

2.) Scan front and back, original goes in the safety deposit box until the first business day I can make the trip.

3.) DECLINE PRESS CONFERENCE!!! DECLINE PHOTOS!!! Name will still be released, but I have half a chance this way of my clean escape from Pennsylvania!

4.) Take the CASH OPTION so I can take advantage of PA's NO TAX benefit on the lump sum. 

5.) Settle all debt ASAP, no strings left to tie us to this state.

6.) Identify a CDARS bank where we will move (Done), transfer funds there next time we go for vacation (scheduled for june '08... sooner with a win)

7.) BLACK OPS move... no forwarding phone/address/cell phones/anything.

8.) Open my own business (already know what, but I will have the startup funds!)

9.) keep bulk of the money in the trust (second one) to protect the balance. Diversify a portfolio with a large chunk of it.... gotta keep an INCOME stream open...

10.) Pay for the new home IN FULL immediately, earmark a portion of the winnings to sustain that lifestyle for 10 years (calculate inflation and include personal funds... gotta pay yourself too!)... this means no mansion, but who cares... My dream home has no minimum square footage and will be as close to the beach as We can afford within the planned budget.

11.) Cruise the LP on the Wi-Fi alienware laptop poolside while watching the waves roll in!

miss anything? got a plan of your own?

Entry #165


lottoqueen29Comment by lottoqueen29 - July 14, 2007, 3:45 pm
I have never thought to write my plan down. I like the idea of two trust. I am going to sit down and write my plan down. I have it in my head. The only thing i have down on paper or actually it is my computer is Microsoft Streets and Trips directions to the lottery claim center. I have learned a lot from you!!!! Thanks!
hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - July 14, 2007, 4:49 pm
hopefully we will one day know what it's like to put those plans into action... good luck!

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