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crazy coincidence...


playing that pick 3 "matrix" lookup table excel sheet is an interesting pasttime, but I need to optimize and automate this endeavour.

the first time i used it for 1-1-1 replacement I managed a backtest of 20 hits on +1,+5,+0

then I tweaked the numbers and ended up with 55 hits.

I used the system to gather follower data (what number follows each number in each position the most) this only produced 19 backtest hits.

tweaking those numbers and it's up to 59 hits... I can't break the 60 hit "barrier".

the basis of the system is using last night's draw, then replacing the numbers with the numbers on the lookup table... changing the table numbers affects the backtest. allows you to "dial-in" more hits, but like I thought, the most frequent numbers do NOT come out together.

I need to figure out a VB program to try many different scenarios, but I can't get a clear picture of the logic required...

I need to figure this out before attempting the same thing with powerball...

59 hits averages 2 hits a year, the system would have paid for itself AND brought in $19,000 profit...BUT it would have taken 26 years and missed 5 years... 2 in a row

based on backtest results, it may miss this year so I am not playing it, but I AM tracking it... could be interesting to try with powerball if I get the infernal logic figured out.

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