Oath Keepers Leader Stewart Rhodes Sentenced To 18 Years In Prison



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Avatar noise-gate -
* Yeah, all these so called patriots who fight against the Will of the People ought to be locked up. Funny how they surfaced during the administration of another enemy of democracy who they recognized as an agent of chaos.
* Lock them all up.
Avatar lakerben -
The herd mentality will get all these wackos adjoining cells!   If you cant do the time then dont do the crime!!
Avatar noise-gate -
* Then you have guys saying they doing this because they " love their country." That's like saying l killed my gf or bf because we broke up, but l really did it because l loved them. Its that vile thinking that insane people feel is normal. Rhodes said that his supporters should have carried " rifles" into the Capitol- to shoot who exactly? Then idiots like Greene were calling these folks " political prisoners."
Avatar Unluckyone -
You leftist have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. This corrupt WH along with their weaponized law enforcement had to go back to utilize the "sedition act"  which was last used over 150 years ago during the civil war. It allows the government to go after anybody who cast the government negatively, in other words you are not allowed to form your own opinion yet the radical left and their resist movement went overboard and instead off sending the DOJ/FBI to do execute over 278k warrentless searches (just in 2021 alone which is more than the previous 20 years combined) like they did on conservatives not one Democrat protester was arrested or jailed. We no longer have a country with a two tiered justice system.
Avatar lakerben -
Wow , not another one on the maga koolaid!
Avatar jarasan -
lakerdummy that upper lip stink of yours is making you extra stupid, MAGA is a big part of the majority in this nation, the common sense Americans. lakerdummy you are part of the idiot class, the 30% low information American people. Wipe your mouth and say something useful for once, don't be like sparkle-farts.
Avatar noise-gate -
* All you Maga folk live in an alternate reality, always have, always will. In case you need further reminding- the election was 2 and a half years ago, yet here you guys are complaining about something in the P.A.S.T. For one, the so called Committees that Gym Jordan as Chairman have out together have not bore FRUIT. Why is that? Instead we gave learned that these so called " whistleblowers " were being paid by Kash Patel,  a GOP operative that worked in the WH under 45. Perhaps you ought to check your crystal ball before talking about people not knowing what they going on about.
* Last time l checked, it's your fallen leader that is being summoned to appear in court, not Joe or some leftists as you put it. Rhodes was is not a leftist, just in case you seem to forget since that is the topic of this thread. Btw: How many leftists stormed the Capitol,  any idea?  You ought to educate yourself on any given topic before posting stuff, cause you cone off looking even more foolish than your namesake.

*As for Binks- you a broken record: You a insult machine with zero substance. Better left for dead.
Avatar noise-gate -
* Hey Binks, you said Maga is a big part of the majority in this nation? Hey pal, time to quit drinking that Maga moonshine. Remember the so called " Red Wave" that was going to consume everything before it, that it would last a generation? That it's power would throw the likes of Mitch & others who did not voice ultimate support for Trump out of office? That every candidate that your Orange One threw his support behind would be victorious at the ballot box? That Mehmet Oz  & Hershey Walker would be sworn in as Senators- what happened brain dead one?
* Do you seriously think that the country has Marjorie Greene's back, that they want to get close to her brand of politics? She is from Georgia dammit- the State of delusional thinking,in case you forgetting- Walker, who's campaign was on crutches comes from, along with losses like Perdue etc. The Maga movement is the political version of the " People's Temple" & Trump is the Jim Jones of politics. We both know how that ended, don't we Binks!
Avatar lakerben -
Two more convicted today for 8 years and 4 years.  A big shout out to the judge who isnt wavering on his stance.
Avatar grwurston -
* Instead we have learned that these so called " whistleblowers " were being paid by Kash Patel,

Obviously you did not bother to watch the hearing but instead only listened to the msm sound bytes, which everyone knows are purposely edited to make any conservative or repub appear in the worst light possible. 
Goldman(D) asked them if they had received money from Kash, and when they said yes, never bothered to ask why they took any money. That would seem to me to be the most obvious next question. But it was never asked. Imo Goldman did that intentionally knowing the msm would seize on that to make the whistle blowers look like the bad guys in all this by taking money from Kash instead of the good guys for exposing corruption within the FBI.
The whistle blowers did explain the circumstances behind why they accepted the money from Kash but of course the msm won't even mention that part of the testimony. So much for honest journalism from the fake news.
In short the FBI had suspended them with no pay and they had had no income for months to support their families, putting them in a severe financial situation. Kash's charity organization helped them out. And now the msm are making Kash out to be a bad guy for helping these guys and their families out.
Btw Kash Patel was a little more than a "GOP operative" as you called him. He is way more qualified than any of the clowns Biden has picked for his admin.

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