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things haven't been the same since the online debacle


i've had a few people aske me why i don't post as much lately.i hate to be a whiner,moaner or complainer so don't take this as something of that sort.my heart just hasn't been into playing as much since the government dropped the bomb on the online gaming industry.i've lost a lot of money due to this law being passed.more positive types here swore up and down nothing would change and i knew better from the get go.i knew the whole thing was going down the drain the night the law passed.i made plans right then to adjust and it hasn't been easy.i added around 7,000 or so dollars just from playing pick 4 online and that is a lot of money to someone who already don't make a lot.it made my life a whole lot easier but it is too bad i got on the very tail end of the deal before the whole thing fell apart.sure a few people here are still able to play but there are quite a lot who have been denied or quit.i have a pretty good talent for sniffing out pick 4 numbers in certain states and i would rather do this than mop floors at wal-mart.nothing made me feel better than to be able to win a few thousand at the click of mouse while sitting in the comfort of my own house.well my daughter just got approved for SSI due to bad hearing loss so that most certainly helped matters when the tide was sinking the boat.any other time i would've been too proud but i was told to take it and i wasn't going to deny any income when it was needed.just a routine doctor visit showed she had bad hearing like me and i got a letter saying she qualified for benefits so i took it because it was badly needed.i'll be glad when george bush is out of office.the man has passed all these dumb laws including the internet gambling bill.my best friend is fighting a useless war in iraq because of this idiot.i can't wait for november 2008 to get here fast enough.maybe someone else can undo the damage this evil careless man has wrought.

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TigerAngelComment by TigerAngel - July 13, 2007, 8:00 pm
sorry to hear about the bad hearing but I'm glad you are getting the check. You paid into it so you deserve it, don't feel bad about it. Regarding the online plays, I kick myself that I didn't sign up last year. Now it's too late. I guess I'd feel worse if I played online before and won but now I couldn't play anymore. In your case why not concentrate on your state and say a pic 3 str8 with 10 tickets would pay about 5k right? That's what I'm trying for here in Cali. I forget what state you are in. Regarding the lousy Prez, I agree, only I hope they impeach him or something before he creates another false flag terror attack/ phony war 'cause I don't think he intends to leave quietly. . .see www.infowars.com

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