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LOLOL....  Little hard on the help this morning, aren'tcha ?
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The Ped in pedophile.
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This is an interest article written by the Washington Examiner's Becket Adams yesterday and explains the evil politicians methods and the reply to that.

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It’s amazing that Democrats still act surprised whenever they're confronted by the consequences of their actions. They're either more ignorant than they seem, or they're terrific liars. Or both!
On Sept. 12, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) announced he was launching an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, leveling allegations of corruption, obstruction, and abuse of power related to Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings. Naturally, Democrats are disgusted that Republicans would stoop so low as — DemoThe White House, for example, has characterized McCarthy's inquiry as “extreme politics at its worst.”
Put aside, for now, all that feel-good nonsense about our “core democracy,” our sacred norms, and the rest of that saccharine claptrap of which the aging commentariat seems so fond. Let’s speak plainly of American politics as we speak of politics anywhere. Politics, simply defined, is the art “concerned with winning and holding control over a government.”
Politics is ugly. Politics is dirty. Politics is brutal. It always has been, and it always will be. America is no great exception. Here, we have two competing parties, both of which are beholden to their constituents. Here, we have an electorate where the opposing sides are nearly as distrustful and contemptuous of each other as they are of each other’s leaders. Here, we reward those who lead the government with real, raw, and consequential power. It makes sense, then, that the fight for influence and power is a deadly serious business to those involved. It makes sense that those involved are unwilling to pull their punches merely because idealists in the press and elsewhere find the brawl distasteful.
All of this is to say: What did Democrats expect would happen after they launched not one, but two, impeachment inquiries (one much flimsier and farcical than the other) against a Republican president?
Republicans obviously have the choice not to retaliate. But as a matter of pure politics, the “noble” choice of simply turning the other cheek is not a realistic or responsible one. The baseline responsibility of all political parties is to acquire and maintain power. We can pretend otherwise, but it’s the truth. And as a matter of pure politics and power, one party cannot allow for another party’s attacks to go unanswered.
It’s politically dangerous not to retaliate because a failure to do so may invite additional confrontations.
Think of McCarthy’s inquiry less as a matter of petty revenge and more as a matter of political gamesmanship. Republicans have a political incentive to play tit-for-tat with Democrats to show that they’re also in possession of loaded weapons and that they’re also willing to pull the trigger. To strike back is the surest way to protect against similar attacks in the future. McCarthy's inquiry can be seen as a show of force, a way to say: “If you do it, we'll do it.” Think of it as MAD, but for Congress.
Moreover, in terms of the Republican Speaker’s options, recall that the parties are beholden to voters. And the way right-wing voters see it, their guy was targeted by an entrenched bureaucracy with an unrelenting, four-year-long barrage of legal lawfare. You're   right they expect, and demand, payback once their team is back in power. And this is the funny thing: If GOP leaders such as McCarthy decline to retaliate, voters will simply replace them with lawmakers who will.
That Biden himself has been caught lying several times regarding the corruption and abuse of power allegations and that there’s a growing body of evidence that suggests there may indeed be a there there, only strengthens McCarthy’s case. But it’s beside the point. The point is this: Republicans were always going to retaliate. If not McCarthy, then someone else.
Democrats likely knew it’d come to this. They know politics is ugly, dirty, and unrelenting. They understand the norms. They understand precedent. They’re simply crying “unfair!” now, a refrain that their toadies in politics and media seem happy to accommodate. This is usually how it goes.
Recall in November 2013 when then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) invoked the "nuclear option," changing the Senate's rules to allow executive branch nominations and most judicial nominations to be confirmed by a simple majority vote, rather than the 60-vote supermajority. Reid, fellow Democrats, and members of the press argued relentlessly for the necessity and goodness of invoking the “nuclear option.” Democrats got their way. They got their nominations. But then the opposition party came into power, and it had a shiny new tool at its disposal, which it soon used to its own benefit. Naturally, Democrats and members of the press cried foul.
The left-wing reaction this week to McCarthy’s inquiry has been a note-for-note replay of the “nuclear option” ordeal.
Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who led the previous two impeachment proceedings, was particularly apoplectic this week, especially when the Speaker accused her of setting the precedent.

“That’s hogwash,” the congresswoman said. “[Republicans are] trying to say, ‘Well we’re not going to have a vote because Nancy didn’t have a vote the first day. No, we had a vote; we were in preparation for a vote. … This is a big deal — an impeachment. You have to do it with care and not on impulse, and until we had the case ready, that’s when we went forward.” “Don’t blame it on me,” Pelosi continued. “Take responsibility for what you are doing there and don’t misrepresent the care that we took, the respect that we had for the institution, to go forward in a way that really addressed the high crimes and misdemeanors of Donald Trump.”

   For the record, Pelosi declared an “official impeachment inquiry” on Sept. 24, 2019. No vote was held. She asserted explicitly on Oct. 15 of that same year that “there's no requirement that we have a vote.” Pelosi then green-lit a vote on Oct. 31 to “establish procedures for open hearings.” She launched an inquiry and moved it forward without a vote. For weeks, she asserted that no vote was needed. This is all a matter of public record.
As with the “nuclear option” incident, what realistically is to be expected of Republicans? That they simply refuse to use these new weapons crafted by their opponents? To refuse to do so would be to relegate oneself to permanent minority rule. What political party — a serious political party — would willingly tie its own hands and refuse to use the tools at its disposal? Democrats surely never would.
Republicans, likewise, don’t operate in this fashion. It’s not even a “Left” or “Right” thing. It’s politics, which, more than any other profession, understands the proverb “turnabout is fair play.” That it has come to this, a Republican-led inquiry after two Democratic-led inquiries, is the least surprising thing in the world.

This isn't a defense of Speaker McCarthy’s inquiry into Biden. It is what it is.
Rather, this is a reminder that politics is an ugly game that rewards the worst players. The more extreme and awful the behavior, the greater the gains. It would behoove our party leaders, then, to think at least two or three steps ahead before launching the next broadside against their opponents.
    Remember: If you have the power today, your enemy will have the power tomorrow.
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Nice, now lets hope and believe that voting is still a functioning honest process for change.
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J....Thats another can of worms that has sat on the front porch, in mid summer, too long.
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Absolutely correct about the dems setting precedents. Here's a couple more. Remember when they went after Trump's taxes and he kept fighting it, till it went all the way to the Supreme Court and the ruling was: Supreme Court allows release of Trump's tax records to House Democrats. You don't think Trump took it that far on purpose so he could use it on them later on?
Or the current precedent of impeaching a former president or vp?
You think Trump will be using that against the dems at some point? Say Biden, Clintons, Obama. Bet the rent on that.

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