The Lies Continue...



So did he? NOOO!!  Google did biden ever teach at the university of pennsylvania     

US President Joe Biden faced fresh criticism on Friday for claiming to have taught at the University of Pennsylvania. While the school paid him almost $1 million over three years for a bespoke position, there is no record of him actually teaching a class.

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Avatar jarasan -
Lying, grifting, plagiarizing, stealing elections are his things. Teaching not one of them.
Avatar grwurston -
He teaches how to do what you listed.
Avatar sully16 -
omg, Did he land on the Moon also? lol
Avatar MADDOG10 -
I think he invented the Space shuttle.
Avatar jarasan -
And the internets, it wasn't Al Gore Vidal, it was joepedo!
Avatar grwurston -
Israel too.
Avatar CDanaT -
He( President Houseplant) has dementia... He doesn't understand truth from day to day unless his handlers instruct him. It's the perfect defense against impeachment or prosecution.

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