Lauren BoBo pro christianity publicly fondled the genitals of a host to drag queen shows



You just can't make this sh1t  up folks! HYPOCRISY AT IT'S BEST.

But she is worried about America's breakdown of morality. The republican maga losers in this country are hypocrites, and the party needs to be abolished. Most maga are just projecting when it comes to raping children, doing drugs, or any abhorrent finger pointing towards democrats.

You need to go away forever. Go start your own country and leave the rest of the SANE people alone with your garbage already.


But but but, we must impeach Biden.


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Avatar noise-gate -
* She doesn't wear those tight dresses for nothing. I am not in the least surprised by her actions, in fact if Greene was nailed doing the same thing, l would yawn.

* They all hat and no...
Avatar Stack47 -
Why do the MAGA Republicans lie about everything?

Nobody is surprised that Boebert's actions were so inappropriate the Lottery Post computer system removed some of the content.
Avatar Pick3master3838 -
Nah stack, that was on me. I had originally wrote the word sh1t the correct way and it got snipped.
Avatar noise-gate -
* Lying is what gets one elected: Remember,  we

will build a wall and " Mexico will pay for it." How

about standing in front of a Huuuge audience

back in 2015 or 2016 & getting animated by

showing off with a invisible shovel and digging in

whilst telling the audience " we bringing coal

jobs back!" When Hillary responded " No we not,

they attacked her for telling the truth."

* l would be very surprised if bobblehead won re election. She was seen literally blowing smoke at the back of the heads of  folks seating in front of her.

* l heard somewhere that when she was told to leave- her response was " do you know who l am."

* Those words are supposed to send shivers down one's spine...l guess!
Avatar Stack47 -
And don't forget about another MAGA Kool-Aid drinking Christian lady, Kristi Noem. Are these MAGA Republicans victims of the "curse of Wayne Hays"?

Bet Gary Hart and Donna Rice are laughing out loud too.
Avatar noise-gate -
* So Bobo is a grandmother at 36. Is that normal in Colorado? She mist have been pregnant as a teen, and her kid followed suit by being a parent in their teens as well. Must be the fresh Mountain air.
Avatar Stack47 -
Why hasn't any of the local MAGA Kool-Aid drinkers countered with their only argument, "but what about the laptop"?

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