This system just does not work... so what next?


Gave it 150%, learned a great deal about Python along the way, but the wins are just not there.

Still my go to for a Power ball ticket until something more functional comes along, but I have tested enough to throw in the towel on this one.

I do have a viable framework for future attempts, and I will be doing a deep dive on time series analysis for strings, yes, that means encoding the numbers as letters.

In the mean time (deep dives can take months), I am going to develop a fun system for the sole purpose of back testing. Something I could do easily with excel, but the goal is learning.

More details later, it will be a workout type system where you won't need the draw history to play, but it's about processing this workout in python and checking for hits, both straight and boxed. Might take a bit to work out the code, but it should fit into the existing framework, only not applicable to the jackpot type non replacement games, strictly pick 3, 4 and 5.

Rather than pack it up again, this is prime opportunity to hone development skills in python and excel, as the output will be written to an excel sheet (not just a csv).

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Avatar hypersoniq -
It is amazing that after 20 years of the "chase" how little I have actually learned about prediction... about pattern recognition... about how to gather statistics and apply them in an impactful way... about how to win.
The jackpot games come down to dumb luck, but really how hard is it to get an accurate 1 in 10 prediction in sequence of 3, 4 or 5 times?

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