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Women demand female Pamplona bull run, with cows


Women demand female Pamplona bull run, with cows

taken from Yahoo.com: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070709/od_nm/pamplona_women1_dc

MADRID (Reuters) - Women in the northern Spanish city of Pamplona, world-famous for its ferocious bull-running festival, are demanding their own version complete with cows instead of bulls.

A student website,www.studiln.net, set the ball rolling with its campaign "Cows want to run" which asks for a separate encierro, as the bull-runs are known, where only women are allowed to take part.

Women have been allowed to take part in the San Fermin bull-running for some years but they still represent a tiny minority of the thousands of runners who attempt to dodge 600-kilo bulls along an 800-metre course through the streets of Pamplona.

 The students say it's only logical that women should have their own bull-run. "Cows, as well as bulls, have four legs and a natural instinct to run," says their manifesto. "An encierro for cows, would put Pamplona at the vanguard of traditional fiestas with equality for men and women."

Organizers of the festival, which runs from July 7-14, have not responded to the suggestion. And just what the late Ernest Hemingway, who made the bull-run in Pamplona internationally famous, would have thought will never be known.

COMMENTS: Women want a Bull run, YET, they don't claim for easy lotteries...Those cows are not going to run and if they run it wouldn't be for very long...Do you know what easy lotteries would do for women, specially women living below the poverty line...Something like online easy lotteries...Something like pick5 from 1 to 24 or 23...But i think that instead of giving 25,000 dollars it should give as a jackpot BRAND NEW HOUSE...Well in Spain the houses may be more expensive, but i've been told that houses in Colombia and i know for a fact in Panama are not that expensive...No i am not talking about the houses that you see on the internet talking about Such and such country's real estate: those houses are expensive as hell...So a lottery whose jackpot is a brand new house for females only or how about a lottery for females that live under the poverty line, to me that's better than seen a bunch of women (which is only a group) running from some retarded cows that wouldn't even move...And if you say that a lottery like that is just like giving to charity..Well you have to earn it, you have to win it first...And not to mention the revenue the state will get from it that will go into education...Of course an easy cash3/pick3 lottery will be way better too...I believe there needs to be one for Africans but Africans don't even have where to go and look for money (may get some cows or chickens to pay for the ticket)....This lottery for females ONLY that promises a brand new house should be played 3 times a day and it should cost 25 cents...It should play at 11:30 am, 5:30pm and at 11:30 pm...I've said this before going to 2 years now...And you can take it to the next level...You see how in the state of Virginia there is a lottery similar that's a Cash5/Pick5 that plays twice a day and has an aggregate amount of winner of up to 2 millions per draw? Well there could take the lottery to a next level and make several draws in 1 draw...I call them indraws...For example Instead of playing 1 draw? you have multiple draws 3 times a day giving players more chances to win..For example at 11:30 am you play 10 draws giving players 10 chances to win and this way they can be 10 winners, at 5:30pm you have 10 draws giving players 10 chances to win and this way they can be 10 more winners, and you do the same thing at 11:30? Remember that this lottery will have an aggregate of winners of 25,000 dollars of up to 2 million dollars PER DRAW...But remember you are giving a BRAND NEW HOUSE...But for this to work the lottery has to be very popular, and very popular among women...And remember you have to pay for air time, or you can make them appear in the daily newspaper...And you are going to tell me that some COWS running chasing woman is going to be better or fun?...And because is 25 cents it wouldnt' surprise me if it raises the double of what is expected...If you think about it the state of Virginia, U.S.A has 7 million people and i know those 7 million people don't play the lottery...Pleople that play the lottery are but a few...Spain has 40 million people...Colombia has 40 million people...Argentina has 40 million people..Venezuela has 25 million people...Indonesia has 240 million people, Vietnam has 84 million people...The Philipines has 93 million people...What i am saying is all this countries topple the state of Virginia's population...And do these lotteries exist in this countries, just for women....And what i am saying is because Argentina has 40 million people they can give themselves the luxury of creating a cash5/pick5 lottery that can play 4 times a day and with more aggregate money than Virginia's Cash5/Pick5 per draw...So instead of 2 million dollars aggregate amount per draw they can raise that amount to 5 or 8 million, why? Because they have way more population...And all for females...And i think it will be good because ask yourself, do these countries have a Stock Market? I bet they don't...And if they do how productive are they?They probably are not 1% as productive as the U.S Stock Market is...And put yourself in the shoes of this countries...If you are a woman trying to make money, become well off or have a house, you are expected to work for 40 years (the average for a man is 25/30 years but women get paid less than men almost everywhere in the world) or worse marry someone with money and have kids with them this way burdening woman and not letting woman fully developed or become full fledge individuals...But what if you could pay a woman's house?She will them have more money to buy herself a car and everything else she wishes...(i could go on and on but i am going to stop).... I didn't mention Nigeria because i believe they are too poor over there despite that they say they are not...Can it be feasible? ABSOLUTELY YES...But no one wants to listen to me...Talking about some cows chasing after women...Again only a few people will be involved..And the cow pamplona run is only for 1 week (the festival), and the run is 1 time only, once a year...Yet for the price of 25 cents you can have a chance of getting a house or if you are smart enough and bet smartly you can win that house and is not to mention this is for the entire day, 365 days...You see you have to set the lottery configuration not too easy, but hard-easy or easy-medium..And think about something once a woman has a her, when she gets older that house, like it sometimes happen, can host their kids and grandkids, and if she gets more money, which she will she can enlarge the house, i seen those cases happen in Panama...And what women need to do next is find a way to manufacture birth-control pills into costing 1 dollar EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD... COMMENT 2 Another Option: It doesn't necessarily has to be a Brand New House, even thought i personally think that a house will have been excellent...On the other hand you could make the main jackpot give a 4 year college scholarship paid in a decent university...Both ideas are wonderful ideas...Or you can have 2 Cash5/Pick5 lotteries, one that gives out a BRAND NEW HOUSE, and another one that gives out a 4 year college scholarship paid, each lottery (pick5/Cash5) costing 25 cents, And if you like you could have a third lottery (remember each of this lotteries/cash5/pick5 are for WOMEN ONLY, it is not counting men been part of the equation) (by the way you have to give thanks to the people of Yahoo.com, they gave me the idea) and like how i was saying, you could have a third lottery only for woman that is for woman that are involved in illicit bussiness, example are woman hackers that want to strick it big, except that the jackpot for that particular lottery is going to be 100 dollars and yes it will cost 25 cents and it will follow the same scenario that the other lotteries followed...And can it be possible? Yes it can be possible...But going back to the 4 years scholarships paid...I don't know about you but i went for 2 years to my town university and they charge around 2,000 dollars a year, and this is the U.S, i am sure a decent universities in Argentina, Indonesia, Vietnam, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, the Phillipines, Mexico CAN NOT cost more than 2,000 a year and i am sure they are not better than Columbus State University, the university i went...But will like to stress i am sure there are universities in these countries that are more expensive than that, all i am saying is a decent university...A decent university here in Panama cost less than 2,000 dollars a year (not including room & board)..(And will like to stress again, this lottery/Pick5/Cash5 is ONLY FOR WOMEN ALL KINDS OF WOMEN it is not considering MEN)...I am sure there would be women in these countries who would want to go to a more expensive/prestigious universities, and that's fine but i am not concern with that right now i am concern with getting every woman in every country a college degree or opportunity to get a college degree...Like how i was saying the Pick5/Cash5 of the state of Virginia has been working fine, and the most amazing thing about all of it is that I bet less than 15% of the 7 million population of the State of Virginia PLAY THE LOTTERY and it cost 25 cents (they got other price options too) and they can give themselve the luxury of having an aggregate amount of total winner not exceed 2 million dollars PER DRAW and it plays TWICE A DAY (meaning there are 2 draws in 1 day), everyday...If you want to read about aggregate amount read this link (where it says "How to win"): http://www.valottery.com/cash5/howtoplay.asp So if the state of Virginia of the USA has 7 million people, IMAGINE a country with 40 MILLION PEOPLE like Argentina, or how about a country like the PHILLIPINES with 93 MILLION PEOPLE...Or how about a country with 25 million people where the people that play exceed 15% of 7 million people i mentioned earlier...JUST IMAGINE...All for 25 cents...AGAIN, JUST IMAGINE...If you calculate 2,000 a year multiplied by the average time it takes to graduate which is 4 years, it should take a person 10,000 dollars...And if for some reason a person can't finishes in 4 years i am sure, he/she can pay the 5th year...Now let us do some math...The state of Virginia, USA has an aggreggate amount of 2 million dollars per draw and it plays twice a day and its population is 7million people and i bet less than 15% of those 7million people play the lottery and it cost 25 cents...A country with 40 MILLION PEOPLE SHOULD have an aggreggate amount BIGGER than the state of Virginia, i say something like 40 divided by 7 equals 5 and 5 times 2 million dollars of aggreggate amount equals 10 million dollars of aggreggate amount PER DRAW and if more than 15% of those 7 million people play the lottery, it should be more...But to be on the safe side we are going to say 6 million people...With 40 million people you can give yourself the luxury of having that Pick5/CAsh5/lottery played 3 times a day, each draw with an aggreggate amount of 6 million dollars...Again this is not counting the factor that if more than 15% of only 7 million people play the lottery you will have more money as an aggreggate amount and played more times a day...If you divide 6 million dollars between 10,000 dollars for the 4 year college scholarship paid, that's 600 maximum amount of winners there can be for that 1 draw and remember there is 3 draws a day, so in 1 day there can be or there should be 1,800 winners of the 4 year college scholarships...In 30 days there will be 54,000 winners, or theoretically speaking that should be the maximum amount of winners each receiving a 4 year college scholarship paid..In 1 year there will be 648,000 winners...This number is only females...Now round up all the college students of a country with 40 million people and tell me if it will exceed that number of 648,000?And theoretically speaking this should be for FEMALES ONLY THAT CAN NOT AFFORD IT...Also, if 30% of that only 7 million people play the lottery, that number 648,000 should double...All this is theoretically speaking...All of this for the price of ONE SINGLE QUARTER (25 cents)...And even if the 648,000 doesnt' cover everyone it is still a big number and what if i had projected the 10 million dollars aggreggate per draw, that number 648,000 will have almost double and if 30% of those only those 7 million people play the lottery that number 1,296,000 (the double) would have doubled to 2,592,000, those would have been the number of student with a 4 year college scholarship paid per year...I know you are going to say well what percentage of the population are women, what percentage are not kids, what percentage are adults in those 40 million people...My answer is the same question i ask about the state of Virginia...What percentage are adults, what percentage are women, what percentage are kids, etc...Right now the State of Virginia is fluorishing...But in reality ask yourself the question...What percentage of the Population play the lottery on a consistent basis...They can do this in countries besides the ones i mentioned above: they could do this in India, Bangladesh, Mexico, Egypt, Turkey, Thailand, DR Congo, Myammar, South Africa, Nigeria (despite that i didn't want to mentioned no African country), South Korea, Ukraine, Spain, Tanzania, Sudan (if they can afford it), Poland, Kenya, Peru, Algeria, etc, etc, etc....Didn't mentioned Pakistan because i don't know what's going on over there...And if you are going to make it give out as a jackpot 10,000 dollars as College Scholarships Paid you should make a pick5 from 1 to 22...This kind of lottery has: 26,334 total combinations...Or a Pick4 from 1 to 20 + Pick1 from 1 to 5...This hybrid lottery has 24,225 total combinations...Again, JUST FOR FEMALES/WOMEN...And you are going to tell me that some retarded cows chasing some chicks that only happens for 1 week of the year is better than this?And what i am talking about happens 3 or 4 times a day? I thought so... to be continued.....

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