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Top Google Video REMOVED


The top #1 video watched "MARTIAL LAW" on Google with over 500,000 veiws recently was removed by Google.

Something is in the air, that's why so many people went to see that movie.

Can still see it at the source,  www.infowars.com

and it's twin site,  www.prisonplanet.tv 

What would happen under martial law anyway?  The feds have been issuing hints of another 9/11 worse incident iminent.  The prez has been writing Executive Orders lately "in case of emergency" he's the dictator! AND, July 17th Exec Order criminalizes war protesters. Sheesh, the dollar is plunging and stocks. It's enough to make me take inventory of my supplies, etc. WEll, that's one thing I can do and I will today.

Now I really want to see that video!

Entry #19


TenajComment by Tenaj - July 26, 2007, 4:38 pm
Can't believe the number of registered sex offenders they removed from YouTube. Now they need to get the unregistered ones.

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