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An idea: Great Enterprises...


Horse Betting Tracking...

I got an idea and i don't know if they do this in Horse betting places/races...But i thought why not track horses each individual horse and each win they make (sort of like the statistics) but you are going beyong the statistics because you are tracking the days each individual horse won (whether it was wednesday or tuesday) and perhaps at what time or race the the horse win, whether it was the 3rd race, 5th race, you are also recording in what place of the particular race the horse came, whether it was in 4th place or 6th place, etc, etc, etc...And you should put what days this particular hose wins the most too or what race is better to bet at..And you can track the horses daily and make a daily or weekly publication for a fee...But this means that you will have to attend to every horse race there is...You could make some money out of it...It will be a good enterprise...

 to be continued...


Great Opportunity to make some serious CAsh in Latin America & Worldwide..(coconut water)


I've been living in Panama for 7 months now, and i think there is a great market for something people haven't thought of...Not only in Panama but in Latin America...Again is my opinion...You know how they got Bottle water and they got different kinds of bottle water? Well why not make Coconut bottle water? In Panama i haven't seen no one done it...And i don't think there is one worldwide?And if you think that it will be difficult because of the tree/plant and because the tree is a rarity?My answer to you is the other day they were talking on TV the history and process of alcohol, and during the documentary they talked about Techila/Tekila...And i can't remember perfectly right now but i remember they were saying that the techila plant takes 5 years to develop and they showed how techila in the Mexican terrain they grow it...But you see you must not take the coconut water and put it just like that in a bottle...You need to sweeten it a little because coconut water sometimes don't taste sweet...I believe there is a big market for it...And i don't think anywhere in the world they got, I don't even think they got it in Latin America...You will make such a huge money...I also think you should make the bottle exactly like bottle water but not let people see the content of it, sort of like making the bottle darker...What i think they need is an investor interested in the field/subject...They sell coconut water in Panama for 50 cents but they give you the coconut all cutted up with a straw straight from the tree...I don't like that...It looks ugly...It will be better if they had it on a bottle...I don't care what price they put on those bottles, i'll buy it...And you know what they say? Coconut water is good for you, is good for your health...I think there is even scientific studies proving it...

I am just trying to help...By giving ideas...

to be continued...


Entry #37


JAP69Comment by JAP69 - July 27, 2007, 12:59 am
On horse racing.
They have at the race tracks and sometimes in local papers of people that track horses.
They call them handicappers.
Give their best shot on who is going to win.
some of them sell handcappers sheets at the tracks. The last I knew anyhow.
It has been years since I have been to a track.
Use to go to the trotters and pacers at Saratoga Springs , N.Y.
stavrosComment by stavros - July 27, 2007, 5:59 pm
The Daily Racing Form is a newspaper that gives all the stats on on all the races in the country. Plus, the handicappers are at each track selling their stats for that particular track.

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