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Preparing the data is arguably the most important part of machine learning, and that part is done. I have freshly minted one-hot encoded draw data sheets with appropriate column headers for the PA pick 3 and pick 5 (mid and eve).

The spreadsheet was the right tool for preparing the data and performing the feature encoding, as it was as easy as dragging formulas down the sheet, then copying only the function results to the appropriate columns.

Since the Python coding will take a few days (optimistically), I am keeping the data in spreadsheets for updates and only exporting to CSV when ready to make the initial runs. I also have to split the data into 80% training data and 20% test data, but that can be done in Python so I only need the one sheet per game.

Excited to see what the final plan will be... going to start with the components in scikit_learn, inly moving to PyTorch or TensorFlow if absolutely necessary.

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Avatar hypersoniq -
Started coding. The implementation of a 2 layer LSTM is a bit beyond scikit-learn, so the import of tensorflow was made.
Finished an outline that does nothing yet, adding the logic and file mechanics later today.

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