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Cocaine/Drug Traffiking Vs. Betting/Gambling


 Cocaine/Drug Traffiking Vs. Betting/Gambling

Cocaine Traffiking Vs. Betting/Gambling: I believe Betting/Gambling draws more money than cocaine traffiking...The only difference is that cocaine is quick money...Let's put an example...Cocaine you sell cocaine and you beging to make more money, but then if you think about it, how many people cosume cocaine on an average neighboorhood? Not many, How many people in the population consume cocaine? not many...Also you start selling cocaine right, but then the person that consume cocaines will consume and in 2 years that person has sold everything he had to consume cocaine (not talking selling the house here), what i am saying is that that person is going to do everything possible to gather a lot of money in the shortest time possible to consume all the cocaine as fast as he can, after a time that person is broke and doesn't have any more money to consume cocaine, what i am saying is that after a short period the person that consume cocaines is BROKE and can't consume no more cocaine (unless he begins to steal), and he can't get a job because of his cocaine addiction so this way he CAN'T CONTRIBUTE TO THE COCAINE BUSSINESS...In a way you can say that that person is dead...No multiply that time every person that the cocaine seller sells the cocaine and after a short period you are going to have the majority of DEAD CASES...All the cocaine seller can hope is to sell it to NEW CUSTOMERS....While betting/gambling is open to the majority of people, despite that only a few people of the population bet/gamble...Also gambling/betting doesn't create DEAD CASES, meaning that i can ALWAYS have people contributing to the gambling/betting bussiness/industry...Why because if someone spend a lot of money on gambling/betting that person can later get a job and still continue to bet when paydays come, while a cocaine addict CAN NOT...Also cocaine selling is illegal, and if you are a cocaine drug lord, you have to constantly be on the lookout for the police and your bussiness, or i shall say YOU are not predicted to last that long in the cocaine bussiness...Is not only DRug Lords but your regular street drug dealer who are not predicted to last that long...While betting/gambling is legal and like how i said before it will always have people throw money at it...Also gambling/betting collects money that go into education...Also i read this article of a person who was the leader of a Gambling ring and that person collected 1 BILLION DOLLARS...Now Tell me, how many drug lords do you see gathering that much money? Not a single one of them...Plus i saw on Fox news informercials that 60 Billion dollars were betted ONLINE last year in 2006 (And what's worse i think it was in the U.S only LOL)...That's not including government lottery is only what was betted ONLINE last year...Now if you take roughly like 2 billion dollars that each state gathers from lottery and there are 38 states that have lottery multiply 38 times 2 billion equals roughly 80 billion dollars (And this is only the U.S only not the world)...So 80 billion plus 60 billion equals 140 billion dollars...Please tell me if cocaine can do that...It gets better......Tell me if the cocaine industry draws that much money...I bet they don't...Not only that, but you probably didn't know this but the stock market (the U.S stock Market) is a form of betting, (trading) and the U.S stock market trades 100 Billion dollars a year LOL...Not only that but like how i said before trading is a form of betting/gambling (the only thing is that is more secure form of gambling)....So if you include the FOREX, in the forex i learn in a seminar that 2 TRILLION DOLLARS ARE TRADED EACH DAY...LOL...And if you include the 1 trillion dollar lottery they are fixing to do in England...LOL...And if you take into account what what the teleton and the red cross and such industry gather from people (basically betting/gambling is drawing money from people)...I saw at least that's another 100 Billion dollars a year annually...Well at first i was comparing it to Cocaine bussiness, but i can now compared it to ALL DRUGS BUSSINESS...AND STILL BETTING/GAMBLING DRAWS/COLLECTS MORE MONEY THAN COCAINE OR DRUG BUSSINESS...LOL...

 The only problem with the lottery is that is bureacracy is too steep...By this i mean that too many people lose 1 dollar to make 1 person rich...This is why i am in favor of creating a lottery that is not too steep and that it will create multiple winners...I was thinking of a lottery that out of 100 people 20% will become winners...But i am not talking about your regular pick3 or pick4 because the money you invest in the game in the long run you lose it, unless there was a way to beat the game and very few people knew it (or maybe possibly a game like Massachussets's Number Game or a pick3/pick4 with less range, e.g from 0-7 or from 0-5 with the ability to get something for matching 1 or/and 2 numbers out of the 3 or 4...But i was thinking more of a lottery like W.Viriginia Cash25 but instead of 25,000 i was thinking more of a 50,000 House (except the U.S because houses in the U.S are mighty expensive) or a green/electric car (by green car i mean a car that is not hybrid) and with LOTS AND LOTS OF AGGREGATE MONEY...to be continued later...

to be continued....

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Comment by jim695 - July 29, 2007, 7:18 pm
I see two flaws in your reasoning:
   1). Major drug dealers do not consume their own products. They're in it for the money, and they believe users (their customers) are weak-minded people who can't control their own urges. From 2000 to 2001, federal agents seized 9,193,800 pounds of heroin. That figure represents about two percent of the heroin which actually entered this country undetected. The figures for cocaine and imported marijuana will be roughly the same - less than two percent of the illegal drugs coming in through our borders is discovered by law enforcement. Now, if drug dealers began smuggling illegal donuts and free coffee, I'm willing to bet that the cops would find close to 100% of that loot, because they know what to look for. Until this country can find and hire police officers who are as smart as the average drug dealer, illicit drugs will continue to be a major problem in this country.
   2). No one I know (including our fellow members) would bother playing a game with multiple winners. That's the whole idea behind the major jackpot games; we don't want to share the jackpot when we win. What you describe is nothing more than a raffle drawing, which most state lotteries already offer. These games have multiple winners, but the tickets usually cost between two and five dollars each. Even with the games you suggest, there are still aggregate losers who put money into the pot but didn't win anything. You can't invent a game where everyone wins (unless you're the Hoosier Lottery, and you count free tickets as paid-out winners). If you did invent such a game, it wouldn't be very much fun to play, because everybody would get back only what he put in; it can't have any other result without putting the host in debt.
   I like the idea of a green car as a lottery prize, though. This would be an excellent way to raise awareness of environmental issues. Of course, if I won, I think I'd rather have a blue one ...
Comment by pumpi76 - July 29, 2007, 10:59 pm
I don't believe is 2%...They may say is 2% but i don't believe it...And why is it that you don't see Billionaires Drug Lords? I know they can publicly proclaim that they are superrich, But even if you were to hide it and change your identity and save the money for future families it will still not work...And again you are not expected to live that long in the drug traffiking bussiness...
Plus is only such much square meter to plant to heroin and drug plants...so the production is limited...And i know that the drug worldwide DOES NOT MAKE 2 TRILLION DOLLARS A DAY...I don't remember exactly the figure but they were talking the other day about Afganistan and they say that the heroin bussiness was I think a 2 or 4 BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY for Afganistan...(And Afganistan is the number 1 heroin producer in the world)...And what happens if they eliminate Afganistan...GAME OVER...And not only that but we are talking about profit when you are dealing with drugs...

quoting: "No one i know (including our fellow members) would bother playing a game with multiple winners"
Answer: And what's pick3/pick4? (even though i am not referring to pick4)..What's W.Virginia Cash25 & Virginia's Cash5? And i know LP members do play those games...

Comment by pumpi76 - July 30, 2007, 12:52 am
And i can't remember the exact figure they said on CNN but they say that i think it was 65% of the heroin sold worldwide comes from Afganistan...I think the percentage was much higher but i am saying 65 just if in case (i think it was something like 90%)...And if i am not mistaken heroin is the most widespread drug of them all...Just that cocaine is more lucrative...
Comment by pumpi76 - July 30, 2007, 12:54 am
i don't know if i will want to live in a world were drugs draw more money than food or anything else...

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