Outlining the proposed changes to the new follower script


For my own reference I will be making the following additions

1. Adding descriptive statistics in addition to the Mode that is already present

2. Adding a function that prints these statistics for the entire draw history before processing the followers so as to see the changes made at each step.

3. Removing the user input section to limit the output to running twice, as subsequent runs tend to be too small of a result set and usually eliminates the next number drawn.

These changes will be implemented one at a time and the program tested at each step to ensure that the code functions properly.

Also on the back burner will be making a history file for PA cash 5, because after doing some researching I found the matrix change from 5/39 to 5/43 happened in February of 2008.

I do not anticipate much difficulty in implementing these changes except for the time required as free time will be in short supply for the next 8 weeks as my mobile development class is pretty intense and work is always busy around the holidays.

Entry #243


Avatar hypersoniq -
2 out of 3 implemented so far. Items 2 and 3. Working on the right implementatiin of the statistics as the native statistics library gives bad results when NaNs are encountered, but the stats built into the pandas library ignores them.
Maybe a chance to work at it later this evening.
Progress is progress...
Avatar hypersoniq -
Fully functional!

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