Adding complexity to gain insight


The next round of script modifications will do the following...

1. Create a new function for the last run (the followers of followers level) that does the same thing as the main analysis function, but also writes the statistics and distribution tables to a csv file. Once that works,


2. Nest the entire script inside of a larger function that can be called sequentially on different input csv files. This step is mandatory if I want to do limited back testing while on the hunt for patterns and connections in the data. Which leads us to...


3. Figure out how to feed in draws from the history list in succession so I can see the results for like a week at once. Here the generated CSV can be opened in Excel to make use of some features like solver and power query, plus the host of graphing tools available. Once this laundry list is complete, then I need to record all of the findings to develop a model from which to get a pick.


I hope I get to play sometime in 2024...

Entry #246


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