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Big Boys' Toys


So you’ve hit the “big one” in world champion poker, or lotto, or at Belmont, or in Vegas. What are some of the “toys” you would have for your “game room”? I don’t mean stuff like maybachs, rare stamps, and yachts. I mean the higher priced version of things you had or used as a kid. Huge model railroad setup? Limited edition Scrabble with the mohogany tiles? The super limited edition of monopoly, with the gold hotels and silver houses? Or perhaps one of each “city” version of it? Well, maybe those should just go in the display case…   

I mean expensive-but-you’ll-actually-let-other-people-touch type interactive things. Indoors. Fun stuff. A craps table? A blackjack table? Or a full size pinball machine? A two or three lane bowling alley? Setup for a small band?


How about a few full-size arcade games? I remember the ones (late 80s, early 90s) where you could select 3 or 4 different games in one machine.


For my math-&-physics side, I might go with a pool table (to learn trick shots) and a full-size roulette wheel.


Nostalgia? For me, maybe a few “old school” consoles, so I could play the likes of Joust 2, Tempest, & Ms. Pac Man.Sun Smiley

Entry #30


time*treatComment by time*treat - August 1, 2007, 1:05 am
honorable mention to foosball and air hockey, too.

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