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WordSearch Puzzle Invention....


WordSearch Puzzle Invention: I got an idea...This is a new game invention...Why not take those Word Search Puzzle and put a word that's in the dictionary...Then ask the question or ask to define the word that's in the dictionary, and the person has so much time to circle the word in the word Search Puzzle....However you will have to invent a game like a console or a closed place where people don't have access to a dictionary....Something like a Casino....Which brings me to the next question...And in the word search you can put words that confuses the player, like words that are similar but are not the same...And you can write words that stand for organizations, or names of celebrities, etc, lots of things, dates, etc...The questionaire can be about anything...However i don't think you should time people...But people can bet on it to see if they scratch/write off the right word...You can say is similar to "Crossword Puzzle" and it is but it is much better because the problem with crossword puzzles is that you have to find the word that matches certain critierias and there are lots of words that much the same criteria plus you must match the right one and most of the time the crossword puzzles choose words that are out of this world, very hard words, like there weren't 60,000 words in the dictionary...While what i am talking about the word is GIVEN TO YOU, you must find it either on time or know the meaning to choose the right word...Is like a choose the right answer game...Except that you are betting to choose the right answer...And you may say well is similar to chose the right answer, and it is but on this game i am describing you got LOTS OF WORDS to choose from, and you must SEARCH either on time or not for the right answer...YOu must write off the correct word...And not only that but if you were to choose a multiple choice exam with lots of choices to choose from and you was offering a game like that you will have to come up with innovative words or come up with something to ask all the time....However i have to admit that if you were to give an exam (but people will have to bet on it) with multiple choices and people will win prices if they got it correct it will encourage learning and reading, LOTS OF READING...However, they could come up with ways to write books about how to win the multiple choice games that gives out a jackpot and people can remember the questions while a word search puzzle people will soon forget the questions...And after all there are 60,000 words in the english language MANY NOT KNOWN BY MEN, and i bet another 500,000 words about everything, biology, medicine, languages, hogar, food, trivia, music, entertaiment, etc, etc, etc, et....However you could make a questionaire of multiple choices, a LONG QUESTIONAIRE, and depending how many word people got correctly means how much money they will get...If people didn't get enought questions answers correctly (remember is multiple choice), then they don't get anything and they lose...What better way to learn LOL....It will be a cool game..The only problem is that you must find boots to make people stand and answer the right choice (or like a school where people can bet)...But you can and you should make the entry to be 10 dollars per entry or 20 dollars per entry and if you win you win a car or 1,000 dollars a week for life (talking about a raffle LOL) or 500 dollars a week for life....Or you can time people...

Word Games Casino: Why don't they have casinos where what you have to crack is word games & cryptograms & games that require enginuity...I mean if you want to put it as hard as you want so people don't win money is fine...I just think it will be a good idea... 

to be continued...

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