The Power of 3's (or 8's)


Today, I am going to show you how to hone in on your numbers and get yourself a hit. The process is pretty simple, and straight forward. I will explain what it is to look for and then provide some current working examples! Let's dive in.

The number 3 is our primary focus for this article, along with it's mirror number - 8. The 3's and 8's give you hint to what's coming within a few draws. It's not so much the actual 3 or 8, but instead, it's the pair that is with them that your focus should be on. When a number plays, and it contains a 3 or an 8, the other two numbers will play back within a few draws generally either as they are, or just one number in the pair mirrored.

Let's take a recent example from New York, shall we, and then take a closer look at what's going on.

Thu, Feb 22, 2024 742 882
Wed, Feb 21, 2024 111 719
Tue, Feb 20, 2024 076 768
Mon, Feb 19, 2024 091 333
Sun, Feb 18, 2024 095



Let's start at the bottom and work our way up. If we look at the evening draw for New York on the 18th, we can see the number was 685. So there's an "8". Now, the "65" are the pair that goes along with it. That's what we are going to watch for. Either played as themselves, or just one number mirrored.

If we look at the very next draw on the day draw of the 19th, we can see 091 came out. Now the "0x1" are mirrored to the "65". It's there, but that's not what I want to show you. Instead, move up to the day draw of the 20th. Here we can see the number was "076". Remember when I said the "65" would mirror just one number? Well, in the 076, it did just that. The 65 became a 60, and add the 7, we get 076.

Now, let's look at the "333" that came out. Yes, we still use this example. So a "3" came, so that means we should be looking for a "33" or a "38" combo to appear. It just so happens that in this case, on the 22nd, 882 played in the evening draw. And there's our "33" combo.

How about Arkansas, let's take a look at some of the recent draws from that and see what we see.

Fri, Feb 23, 2024 187 889
Thu, Feb 22, 2024 407 501
Wed, Feb 21, 2024 851



Again, let's start from the bottom and move up. First we will start with the day draw from the 21st, We see that "851" came out. That means our pair to watch for is "51". Just 3 draws later on the 22nd, "501" came out in the evening. There's a "51" pair straight up. Our next draw back on the 21st also had a 3 and an 8 within it. So you still look at it either way. Let's use the foundation of a "3" for the approach. So 873 was played, and then the "87" is our pair to watch for, and on the 23rd during the day, the number was "187". There's our pair!

How about another example? Let's take New Jersey and see what we have

Fri, Feb 23, 2024 447 300
Thu, Feb 22, 2024 341 802
Wed, Feb 21, 2024 831 986
Tue, Feb 20, 2024 307 423
Mon, Feb 19, 2024 349 395

By now, you should be able to see it happening. Your brain has had enough training to understand the concept, and to be able to spot it easily. Pretty cool right? This gives you a chance to know 2 of the numbers coming in a draw. 

Let me just show you some more examples that this point from different states. I will highlight them so you can spot them easy, but I will just copy and paste from the states.


Fri, Feb 23, 2024 156 643
Thu, Feb 22, 2024 280 528
Wed, Feb 21, 2024 607 063
Tue, Feb 20, 2024 793 376

Washington D.C

Sun, Feb 25, 2024 163 668
Sat, Feb 24, 2024 460 204
Fri, Feb 23, 2024 205 056



Fri, Feb 23, 2024 820 227
Thu, Feb 22, 2024 874 858
Wed, Feb 21, 2024 220 911
Tue, Feb 20, 2024 822 778



Fri, Feb 23, 2024 569 407
Thu, Feb 22, 2024 821 242
Wed, Feb 21, 2024 093 421
Tue, Feb 20, 2024 951 390


The list goes on and on. You can use the "3 and 8"'s to your advantage to be able to track the upcoming pairs. Remember, the most common way to play them is, either play the pair, or mirror just one number of the pair to your liking. Always use your other workouts to see what's coming and lining up to your liking.

I've got some more stuff I will be releasing soon, but for now, I thought I would throw this one out there as it's a quick and easy technique to use to get you some hits. If you wanted to, you could play the pair as it and then play "all" (meaning 0 through 9) with that pair. At a .50 play, that's just $5 to play, but it's a boxed hit for sure.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Do you have anything you see that is unique and helps people find hit?

Til then...
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Avatar dejablu13 -
Great information and thank you!
Avatar Solo0610 -
Awesome! Thanks for the thorough lesson! You are truly appreciated for your time and effort in helping us get some hits! Bless you.
Avatar Harve$t Moon -
Very cool!  Thanks!  :)

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