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Petroleum Tax for Worldwide Proverty...


Last Edited: August 7, 2007, 2:03 pm

Petroleum Tax for Worldwide Proverty...


I thought of something....How much does the World Consumes in Petroleum/Oil in Dollars? I think is got to be 1 trillion dollars a year....Let me calculate something....

84 million barrels a day is the Global consumption each day....Times 60 dollars a barrel is  5 Billion, 40 millions...Dollars is spent EVERY DAY ON OIL...Times 365 days a week is 1 TRILLION 839 BILLION....Close to 2 TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR is spent on oil....Not to mention the 2 Trillion dollars a day that the Forex Draws but we are going to leave that out....But let's leave it at close to 2 trillion dollars a year in the petroleum/oil bussiness....And it had me thinking...Oil is bad for the Atmosphere....And i was thinking....What if we were to replace an Oil consumption for an TAX TO END PROVERTY...I think we could do it....The whole of Africa and the middle east...You see the middle east wouldn't have oil so their economy will collapse...I was thinking if we could find automobiles to use electricity or water....The middle east have oil but is only a few countries....And this is not counting EVERYONE, BECAUSE NOT EVERYBODY HAS A CAR IN THE PLANET...IF YOU WERE TO INCLUDE EVERYONE THEN THAT NUMBER/FIGURE will run doubled that amount and it will be 4 trillion dollars a year....SPENT ON THE MIDDLE EAST AND IN AFRICA...But i am probably ahead of my time...Thinking now about it, i am glad CARS EXISTED AND PETROLEUM EXISTED, just to prove you that i think a higher power exist...And not only that but in 2 thousand and something the world's population is expected to reach 9 Billion instead of 6 Billion...I mean if they could only invent an engine that will run on water or electricity but for thousands of miles you could say good bye to petroleum and on spending money fuel...

What i am trying to say is that, a lot of money can be suck up/draw out of people and it can be done for good....

to be continued....

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time*treatComment by time*treat - August 7, 2007, 2:57 pm
The cost of crude oil decreases at you get closer to the wellhead. Down to about $5/bbl. at the source. Transport, refining, taxes & regulations (summer blend/winter blend) drive up the final cost.
As far as a tax to end poverty ~ socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried; from the USSR to LBJ's "Great Society", and don't get me started on FDR :-/. Government meddling creates far more problems (fiscal and social) than it EVER cures. This is especially manifest in 3rd world nations.
Comment by pacattack05 - August 7, 2007, 3:42 pm
Great, that's all I need, more taxes on gas and petroleum products.

Bad Idea!
Comment by pumpi76 - August 7, 2007, 5:47 pm
What i meant to say is a tax to end poverty instead of consuming petroleum...By then someone will invent a machine or a car that will not need petroleum but water....What i mean to say is all that money people spend on oil/petroleum/gas instead of gas it could be a tax to end poverty in the world...Instead of spending 60 dollars to full the tank on your car you will be charge a monthly fee of 20 dollars (the tax), and by then you don't need to use gas because you use water for your car engine...I am talking more of a futuristic view...I was talking in the future when they invent cars that will run on water or electricity or some form of gas that will be harmless to the environment...That's what i meant...
Comment by pumpi76 - August 7, 2007, 5:52 pm
The title of the blog should be: Instead of Petroleum Tax to end Worldwide Poverty....
Comment by pacattack05 - August 7, 2007, 7:03 pm
The Government already has in their knowledge of free energy, called "Zero point energy".

They have too much vested interest to the economics of a major group which is not only the many oil company's head honchos, but the shareholders.

This free energy will never be implemented into saving money on fuel consumption because the government hasn't found a way to re-organize the economic anomolies and still make a profit. So they simply play dumb. They down play the notion of such free energy...playing dumb.....and I don't buy it for a second.! ! !

I"m very well aware of the neccessary slow evolution of economics, but their not even trying to take the baby steps yet. Very annoying...it seems the wallet rules in every thing.

They know! ! !

Did you know income tax pays for the interest on Federal Reserve loans made to the government, for such things as war and others?

Basically, it started back in the 1700's. The rich folk like the Rothchilds, Rockerfellars, J.P. Morgan, and the such funds the government. with interest as return on the loan.

Rothchilds was actually Red Shield. There was a big shield on top of the entrance to the headquarters. Later it was modified to Rothchild. They also funded the early european wars.

So it's been a custom of sorts to keep the bloodline of the Reptilian overtakers. Go ahead and laugh, but it's true. I can give you a link to a tape of senior Bush and Clinton. They are being interviewed. At certain parts of the film, you can see the slitted eyes. Bush was semi-morphing. Maybe the frequency of the cameras were making it hard for him to not morph.

You have to see the eyes. It's scary.

Zero point energy is not some fairy tale. It is and has been scientifically documented. Tesla proved this until he was silenced.....

As long as evil leaders rule the masses, the world will always be in a constant search for an answer. Even though the answer is siiting right under our noses, humans will tend to overlook the obvious.

Comment by pumpi76 - August 8, 2007, 1:09 am
But let's make some more calculations...I think if you was to tax everyone in the world instead of a petroleum consumption i think it will reach the 10 TRILLION dollars annually (And that's our goal, that's what we want) because 2 trillion dollars it is but ask yourself the question, what percent of the population of the world has cars: Probably less than 30%: Remember up to this heights not everyone in the world has a TV nor telephone and remember there is going to be 9 Billion people in less than 15 years from now...If we can get to 10 Trillion dollars annually i think we will have made the biggest difference in the history of the world...Again let me reiterate that we want to reach 10 Trillion dollars every year with this tax instead of petroleum consumption...Let me explain...If we rich 10 Trillion dollars every year we can takes each of the African and Middle east country and give them 1 trillion dollar to each country...YOu then let that country put that 1 trillion dollars in the bank and the interest earned on that 1 trillion dollars can be that country's GDP...I heard that with more than 100 MILLION dollars they will give you more than 6% interest, they will give you something like 8% or 9% earned interest...If this is so imagine 1 TRILLION DOLLARS...If they give you 6% then that country's GDP is going to be 60 Billion dollars a year...And this is very, very good for a country...If the earned interest is 9% then that country's GDP is going to be 90 Billion dollars every year for the rest of their existence..So with 10 Trillion dollars each year, then in 5 years you will have awarded 50 countries 1 trillion dollars to each country...And let each of those 50 countries earned 60 to 90 Billion dollars a year as their GDP for the rest of their existence...In 10 years you will have covered 100 countries...each country receiving 1 Trillion dollars and they will in turn put in in the bank and earned 60 to 90 Billion dollars a year...And i mean there are only like 140 countries in the world if i am not mistaken...And if you do the math there are i think 53 countries in Africa, that leaves you with 47 countries, and i know there are not 47 countries in the MIddle East...Now this is in 10 years...You can then Aford to give in 10 more years (20 years in total) 100 Trillion dollars or 1 more trillion dollar to those 100 countries and let those 100 countrie put each 1 trillion dollars in the bank and make money off of the earned interest...This way each of those countries will be making between 120 to 180 BILLION DOLLARS each year...And each country will have its own GDP....GDP is like the Salary in years that each country makes....And PROBLEM SOLVED...The only problem is that this doesn't not account for the raise in money...Remember that 10 dollars now is not what it used to be in the 70's...And i am sure that it will not be worth the same of what it used to be in the year 2040...All this possible if we tax each individual in the world a tax to end poverty instead of that individual wasting it on gas/oil/petroleum consumption...

to be continued....
time*treatComment by time*treat - August 8, 2007, 6:08 am
Well, I suppose you could PRINT as many dollars as you wished. That would not impart any value to them. Ask the Germans. As far as "trillions", a few years ago Turkey had many billionaires and a few trillionaires (they have since lopped off 3 zeroes, and renamed their currency the yeni(new) turkish lira). It didn't end poverty there, or anywhere else. Same with Zimbabwe, today.
Comment by pumpi76 - August 9, 2007, 5:04 pm
The repercussion: Banks will have a lot of money or a few banks will have a lot of money and they will affford to lower their earned interest on money and this way all banks will follow..As a result you will see that you will have to pay very little to borrow money from the bank...Is going to be a worldwide phenomenon...Banks will in turn have money to let people for construction; construction of buildings...And you will see more cities with more buildings (i am talking residence buildings, like how it is the case here in Panama)...People will be able to take out a home loan at a very ridiculously cheap/low price...The only problem is that people that have 1 or 2 million dollars in the bank at 5% earned interest will not have it anymore, but instead they will get very few earned interest....Unless the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS are given to countries banks or the world bank...Or organizations that lend money to extremely wealthy individuals and not just anyone with 3 million dollars...This way it will prevent earned interest from banks from crashing/falling too low...

And after the 20 years have passed we can continued with the diseases and finding cures for all the diseases...Each disease will get 1 trillion dollars that it will be put on the bank and the disease committe will receive earned interest from those 1 trillion dollars wich will be between 60 and 90 Billion dollars annually...AGAIN LET ME REPEAT THAT,, EACH DISEASE WILL GET 1 TRILLION DOLLARS AND IN TURN WILL GET 60 TO 90 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR from the interest of those 1 trillion dollars, FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES....HOW COOL IS THAT..But i was talking mostly the major diseases which are less than 100...and in 20 years you give those 100 diseases ANOTHER 1 trillion dollars to each and they will make or generate 120 to 180 Billion dollars for each major disease for research purposes....NOW HOW COOL IS THAT...And remember THIS WILL ONLY TAKE 10 maybe 20 YEARS depends how you want to do it... Because at 10 trillion dollars a year in 10 years you will have covered 100 diseases....And if you wait another 10 years it will be between 120 to 180 Billion dollars each one of those 100 major disease will get each year FOR THE REST OF EXISTENCE...And ask yourself, each disease, how much money does it draw for research?Aids i think draws like 3 billion dollars for research, and Aids is the number 2 or 3 disease in the world...Imagine if they give you 9% as earned interest for that 1 trillion dollars...Then Aids will get 90 BILLION DOLLARS EACH YEAR..LOL FOR RESEARCH...ahah, ahaha, ahaha, ahaha is funny...

Comment by pumpi76 - August 10, 2007, 8:31 pm
I said: "And i am sure that it will not be worth the same of what it used to be in the year 2040".....I meant to say in the year 2030 i am sure money will not be the same....

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