My journey into the vast expanse of numbers...


I was born at a very early age. I always viewed the world different from everyone else. I sought the minutia, the very fine detail that no one cared about. For example, what was Paul Revere's horse named? It's not important to you, but it was to Paul and the horse.

For numbers the exact opposite is true. I see the expanse of the universe in a simple sequence because of the potential it holds. 1,2,3 is just 3 digits to you, but for me it's an expression of the first steps to infinity. It's the way to plan your life in an orderly fashion.

I write code for playing the lottery in my state. Just for me to use. Could I charge for it? Oh yeah, but I'd feel bad if you didn't win at least something.

Thank you for allowing me to ramble.

Take care and good luck.effects of neuron count

Entry #1


Avatar hypersoniq -
I also write code for personal use in the PA lottery. I use a combination of Python scripts and spreadsheets to track everything. I am currently laser focused on frequency, and have only dabbled with some time series analysis to no good conclusion. Best of luck!
Avatar NeuralNetLottoB -
I have found that the go-to ways of prediction don't work. Which lottery are you looking at?
Avatar hypersoniq -
The dailies. PA pick 2,3,4 and 5

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