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Avatar Dirtyderkperk -
How do I check my ticket and how would I claim my winnings???
Avatar jarasan -
Not a winner. Scan it at a retailer in VA. or search P3 drawings for the last 90 day draws in VA str/box 614 on LPost. It only popped box once 4-25-24 day:
    Virginia Pick 3 Day, Virginia Pick 3 Night
Match Type(s):
    Straight, box
Date range:
    Past 90 Days (Feb 14, 2024 - present)
1 drawing matched the search criteria specified

Draw Date State Game Results
Thu, Apr 25, 2024 Virginia Pick 3 Day 1-4-6, Fireball: 6

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Avatar grwurston -
Click on Lottery Results on the left side of the home page, then Virginia, then Pick 3 past results.
Or hover your cursor over Results, (between Forums and Mail) click on Daily Numbers Games, then Virginia. You can also use the ticket scanner in the store or go on the Va. lottery website.
Then if you won go to any store that sells lottery tickets and cash it in.
Tip, when you go to cash it, ASK them if they can cash a ticket for whatever the amount is. That way a dishonest clerk knows they can't rip you off by telling you it's a loser or it's not that much, or say they don't have enough money it in the cash register after they scan it.
Most clerks are honest but if a dishonest one senses you're not a regular lottery player they could take advantage of someone's lack of knowledge.
Welcome to Lottery Post and Good Luck!!!

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