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Lottery machine Invention:Scanner Pistol


Lottery machine Invention...Scanner Pistol...


They haven't invented this yet...I wanted to get a patent (and i still do) but the thing is that if i get a patent i will not be taken seriously, plus you got to pay 800 dollars to take you invention to the next level and I don't have 800 dollars, plus this is something i'll like to see be created RIGHT NOW...And they don't have them....

You know how when you go and play the lottery and you have to form line and once is your turn you got to wait for the machine to CHEW your paper slip and if you didn't mark the number with the correct kind of pencil or if you use a different ink pen, the machine will not accept it, plus if you have a lot of tickets to bet, you can't do it because the machine takes A LONG DAMN TIME, and you've got people behind you waiting....Do this experiment, try playing 30 dollars worth of lottery tickets and you will hear people behind you start to grumple, and talk behind your back, and that's only 30 dollars, plus you will notice that the machine takes A LONG TIME to chew your paper slip...And when you are playing a lot of combinations you are BOUND to make a mistake, and the machine is bound to not RECOGNIZE one of your paper slip....This is why i believe they should invent a lottery machine that uses a scanner pistol...What scanner pistol am i talking about? Have you see in the grocery store where they have a plastic pistol with a horizontal thing line coming out of it and they use it to SCAN the products bar codes?Well they should invent something like that for lottery machines....Something like that but where you can SCRIBBLE your numbers in a piece of paper, without having to fill in the blanks and worry about the correct pencil/pen....I was thinking something where they hand you out a piece of paper and you scribble your numbers (of course a little bit legibly) and when you pass the scanner pistol the computer automatically recognizes hand writing numbers (only numbers) and the information is automatically fed up on the machine computer memory...And i was talking about a scanner pistol where you press the trigger and it automatically begins to scan and recognize hand writing numbers and beging feeding it to the computer really quick...This way you can THEORETICALLY SCAN a large quantity of lottery combinations at a FRACTION OF THE TIME it will take to feed the lottery paper slip to the computer and wait for the computer to chew the numbers been filled in the blanks and not have to deal with the thought of making an error and doing it all again and forming line again...

Presently they may have a scanner pistol but they may use it to scan scratch offs, but not to scan lottery number combinations...

to be continued....

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four4meComment by four4me - August 30, 2007, 1:23 am
use a black magic marker to mark your play slips and stay inside the little boxes you will never have a problem.

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