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Last Edited: September 1, 2007, 2:55 pm

I can't believe what I just read in the Sun Sentinel today.  An employer wants to put ID chips in workers?  This is the same technology used to identify lost pets! I don't have time to write a long blog entry, but I wanted to share this with you.  I worked at a company last summer where I signed in with my fingerprints.  They said that time slips were outdated since they can be altered or punched by other employees.  At first I thought "This is cool" but then I felt my privacy was being violated, but you do what you have to do!


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LOTTOMIKEComment by LOTTOMIKE - September 1, 2007, 3:29 pm
Lucky StarComment by Lucky Star - September 1, 2007, 5:37 pm
THANK YOU for sharing this!!!!!!!
justxploringComment by justxploring - September 1, 2007, 6:01 pm
You are welcome, Lucky Star.   Yes, Mike. I can understand putting ankle monitors on prisoners that have been released, but requiring an employee to have a microchip implanted is unconstitutional, in my opinion.   Regarding the comment about ID theft in the article, I often think about all the applications I've filled out in FL over the past 10 years with my personal information, including my soc sec # and driver's license. Some people make photocopies of your soc sec card and license on the spot. People might say "don't do it" but a job applicant doesn't really have much of a choice. You do what you're asked or you're viewed as a potential problem. I'm sure that's why over 2,000 people agreed to be microchipped. I had no idea this was going on the workplace.
Comment by pacattack05 - September 1, 2007, 6:02 pm
Big brother for ya.

By the way. To answer your question from my last blog about lightning and my computer, I'm going to trucking school in about 2 and a half weeks from now. I'm just sick of this town and the seasonal work crap. It's either feast or famine. The best part is that they're willing to pay for my trip there, plus the 3 week schooling, motel, and immediate job placement with their company . I only have to commit working for them a minimum of 8 months and they pay for the schooling. I'm gonna do the 3 week at a time runs because it pays about 2 grand a week. I don't plan on doing this forever, but maybe for a year or so so I can save evry penny and move to California, and work locally. Hopefully my roulette method will work and I won't have to work at all...lol

I figure once I have the class A license in my hand, I'll be in demand for local work in Cali.
I'll keep in touch.
justxploringComment by justxploring - September 1, 2007, 7:20 pm
Humana offered to send me to Louisville for 3 weeks and I would stay at the Hyatt on their dime. I backed out since I can't sleep in hotels. I can't imagine how I'd even make it through 3 weeks of training. Only someone with a severe case of chronic insomnia would understand this. I've actually passed out after being away at a meeting or convention for 3 days. (don't ask me what I passed out! lol)

I wish you a lot of luck and I'm sure you'll do just fine. Just don't let anyone implant a chip under your neck. ;-)    By the way, there are many good trucking jobs in FL.   At least there used to be, but I can't say for sure now. I know someone who appears to be illiterate (in my opinion) and he was making over $1,000 a week driving a dump truck. You are obviously very literate & intelligent - just watch that defiant attitude of yours. LOL
Comment by pacattack05 - September 1, 2007, 7:39 pm
Thanx, and you're right, sometimes that defiant attitude gets me in trouble...lol

I already have a chip, it's on my shoulder...lol
TenajComment by Tenaj - September 1, 2007, 11:49 pm
The subject of this blog reminded me of a futuristic movie I saw a few years ago (can't remember the name of it) but everyone's blood was taken at birth and analyzed to see if they would have degenerative diseases like a heart attacks at 50, diabetics etc.   It determined your station in life whether you would be a janitor or a bank president. The people who couldn't do 30 minutes on a thread mill had to clean bathrooms and other minimal tasks.

It was no way you can get out of it because it was a class system. You had to give you blood when you applied for a job and things of that sort. And you had to clock in to work with your blood.

So this dude, who was one of those people whose heart wasn't right, paid this cripple dude to substitute his blood. I see it coming to that maybe in the next few generations.   Anybody see that movie?

justxploringComment by justxploring - September 2, 2007, 12:53 am
No, Tenaj, but I wish I did.   I remember a movie called Wild in the Streets where everyone over 30 was forced into retirement and forced to take LSD. I think the theme song was "Nothing can change the shape of things to come" Those words are haunting.

ToadSchmodeComment by ToadSchmode - September 2, 2007, 6:55 am
The mark of the beast is here! I never ever ever ever believe the fluffed up numbers they put out. It's all a bunch of brainwashing BS... Does anyone really believe there won't be extra chip reading gadgets floating around making it easier for the crooks to steal everything about you as you casually stroll on by??? Or black market chips you insert yourself to make you somebody your not??? Come on were livin in a world based on greed! AND EVERY MAN HAS THEIR PRICE...
And pac, i don't know about the trucking thing right now. They just opened the flood gates for mex trucks to go all over the usa. This means the price per mile will soon start to go down as more and more truckers have to fight for loads. They've used the mex's for many years to lower wages in any and all labor jobs. Always based on the lies that it'll save the consumer money! When in reality it's to make the big man more money. I'm not trying to tell you what to do, but we are in the info age. Anyone stuck in the industrial age can only lose. The big man will work your life away till you die if, you let him.
Comment by jim695 - September 2, 2007, 9:46 am
The military has been using this technology for years. It's one thing to insert a mission-specific subcutaneous chip into an operative we need to keep track of while he's in the field, but this is ridiculous.
   Next thing you know, we'll be hearing that tired old phrase again, "... keeping up with industry trends ..."
   I hate where this country is going. Things are getting so bad, I am no longer able to think of myself as a patriot, because I refuse to be associated with those who pretend to have the best interest of the nation at heart while they fill their pockets with taxpayers' money.
Rick GComment by Rick G - September 2, 2007, 11:06 am
It is very frightening. It was a good idea with pets, but humans are not "pets". Nothing is surprising anymore when it comes to invasion of privacy and elimination of freedoms. The next step will be to insert these chips into children "for their own safety". We will allow it because it is "for their own good". They are just laying the groundwork for it to be accepted for all humans to be "chipped".

Scary feces.
time*treatComment by time*treat - September 3, 2007, 2:27 am
If you REALLY want to know what the future holds, watch "Gattaca" (1997) or, if you'd rather "crib" it
justxploringComment by justxploring - September 3, 2007, 4:15 am
Time*Treat - is this the movie Tenaj mentioned below? I never saw it, but the Wikipedia description sounds like it's the same one.

Rick, the practice of placing microchips in children was in the news a few years ago. It was suggested this might help to find missing children.
TenajComment by Tenaj - September 3, 2007, 1:01 pm
"Gattaca" is the name of the movie I mentioned.
justxploringComment by justxploring - September 4, 2007, 7:12 pm
I'll look for it at the video store.
LANTERNComment by LANTERN - September 13, 2007, 2:38 am
There are so many signs of the Bible being right, while things are bad on Earth, they always have been bad, it is hard to think that they can get worse, but they can and will in their time.

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