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To Bleep or Not to Bleep?


Last Edited: September 17, 2007, 2:28 am

If you watched the Emmy awards tonight, you had to notice the people getting "bleeped" but Fox went a bit further and pointed the camera away from the stage when Sally Field used a few questionable words.  Was it a political move or were they simply censoring her profanity?   

Well, as much as I agree with Ms Field that war is horrible, I turn on my TV to watch entertainment, not hear the political rants of rich celebrities.  Sally Field is a very talented actress and I've watched Cybil, Places in The Heart and Norma Rae many times.  However, if Hollywood stars want to campaign, then maybe they should appear on Larry King Live or even that awful show The View where women with considerably less talent spurt out their personal views.  Anyway, Ms Fields obviously doesn't know her history.  History shows that women rulers have been merciless when it comes to war.  "Bloody Mary" isn't just the name of a mixed drink, ya know.  Okay, Mary I wasn't a mother, but Isabella of Spain had 5 children and she started something called the Inquisition.   

On the other hand, the people at Fox are demonstrating their hypocrisy.  They own FX don't they?  There is more banging, screwing and blowing on that network than on HGTV and the Weather Channel combined.   Between Nip/Tuck, The Shield and Rescue Me, I've seen more panting and naked butts than when Animal Planet airs the AKC championship. 

Okay, maybe Fox needs to be a little more cautious when broadcasting a live show on network television during the family viewing time.  However, when the Parents Television Counsel did a study on "objectionable" viewing material, Fox had more instances of violence, profanity and sexual content than any of the other major networks.  In fact, these studies by concerned parents show that violence on Fox has increased over 400% in the past few years.  Although it was canceled earlier this year, The War at Home, a Fox sitcom, was rated the worst offender by these media watchdogs.  The animated series American Dad, also on Fox, was rated as "filthy and alarming."

Now don't get me wrong folks.  I believe in Freedom of Speech and I also believe that parents need to spend quality time with their children and determine what is proper for them to view.  However, Fox is always preaching about family values when they are making most of their money airing shows that even make an old child of the '60s like yours truly blush. 

If Fox is going to completely censor someone for telling the world she doesn't like war and happens to use g**damn while saying it, why not look at all the violence it feeds our kids?   Now that I've written this I'm wondering if this had anything at all to do with the use of profanity.  Maybe it was censorship after all. 

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TenajComment by Tenaj - September 17, 2007, 4:41 am
I hate when they censor programs. Whenever I watch "Scent of a Women" on TV and the words are changed in the airplane scene when the Colonel describes a women legs to Chris O'Donnell, it's just not the same.   Something is lost in transition. That's like watching Harlem Knights bleeped out.

And when they are in the courtroom and he screams out the 3 boys names and they bleep out the "and F**k you too."   

That's the only movie that actually makes me cry. I couldn't understand why it moved me so until i thought about my core value that stands above all. Integrity. When he says "but Charlie here, he won't sell his future"

My kids grew up watching HBO and Cinamax. But they also grew up watching Sesame Street, The Electric Company, and saw movies like The American Tale, and The Great Muffet Caper (I hated Miss Piggy) They read Beverly Cleary and Judy Bloom books like Romana the Pest, The Tales of the 4th Grade Nothing, and Hey God, It's me again Margaret and they went to church every Wednesday night and Sunday.

I figured the more they saw and understood intelligently about the world they would not succumb to the stupid stuff people do. They got through Jr. high, high school, and college, without going to jail, smoking, doing drugs and getting pregnant and they've seen just about everything that's been on HBO.

I think Parent expect the public to raise their children.

Watch this little girl on Youtube. It's called little girl and monsters


Coin TossComment by Coin Toss - September 17, 2007, 10:15 am
It is a bit much for these celebrities to think people care about what they think about politics.

They're all liars anyway, they were going to leave the country and go to France if Bush got elected, remember? Yet here they are.

Just X, you're killing me:
" Between Nip/Tuck, The Shield and Rescue Me, I've seen more panting and naked butts than when Animal Planet airs the AKC championship. "

justxploringComment by justxploring - September 17, 2007, 12:58 pm
Tenaj, I watched it. Do you think the mother was right or wrong? After all, she's only a small child. My sister brought up her 2 children as you described. She once told me if she took away their Walkmans and blocked everything on television, they'd just learn stuff from their friends, so it would be better for her to be around to answer questions & give advice. They are very well-adjusted, successful, happily married, not on drugs, etc., so you make a good point.
emilygComment by emilyg - September 17, 2007, 1:29 pm
Fox News - censorship about war.
ToddComment by Todd - September 17, 2007, 2:22 pm
Wow JE, I can't believe I agree with you .... but I agree with you! BTW, Fox the TV station is run by different folks than Fox News. They are all owned by Murdoch, but different management. Fox TV puts out the Simpsons, which commonly lambasts conservatives (and everyone else), so I don't think Fox TV is censoring peace-rants.
TenajComment by Tenaj - September 17, 2007, 2:46 pm
Justx, I think the mother was right and I think it all depends on how smart the child is in how you'd handle it. That little girl seemed bright. After all she did say "If we don't kick their ass, they will kick our ass" She's going to hear words worst than "ass" all her life. I love her haircut, btw.

My daughter at 5 asked me one day, "Mom how did you get two children" and I said to her "I got married" hoping it would end it and she said "Did you get married two times". I knew from then on I couldn't give her those kind of answers. Later around age 10 when she to finagle something from me she would enlist her friends to sweat me, while I was very busy with something else. They'd have a plan A, Plan B, and Plan C. It was like if she say this - we will say this. I didn't figure it out until one day they said the same thing in unison.   

I would rather see a mother laugh at a child's misuse of words and correct them than pop them upside the head and tell them it's wrong. When I was growing up "Piss" or "Pissed" was cursing in my family.   I was so shocked one day my 10th grader came home from school and said that the teacher snapped and said they (students) had "pissed" her off.

Kids learn more at a tender age than they do their entire life. I took advantage of it. I had a ball. You can trick them into something that's good for them before they figure things out.    That's why I can't understand why my grandson doesn't like green vegetables and therefore doesn't eat them. Whose the smartest?

My grandson was helping me plant flower bulbs once, he was around 8 and he refused to plant his deep as required. I told him - I'm gonna have some pretty flowers, I can't wait for them to come up - you won't though because the squirrels are going to eat all of yours and he started planting them deeper.

A mother have to do what a mother have to do. My kids thought I was all knowing when they were teenagers. Little did they know that I could hear every word they said from one of those free Time Life speaker phones in my room when they talked on the phone in their room. It was by accident so I continued to listen.

It's said that when your kids are smarter than you, then you've done a good job.
Comment by DoubleDown - September 17, 2007, 9:15 pm
I think that since FX is "cable" and Fox is "network" they can get away with a lot more on FX.

BTW- Nip Tuck is one of my favorites and The Shield is a can't miss favorite. I love that show !
Can't stand Dennis Leary so I don't watch Rescue Me.
justxploringComment by justxploring - September 17, 2007, 10:14 pm
I agree that the cable channels can get aware with more, DD, which is why I made the comment in paragraph 4 that Fox has to be more careful on the network channel, but still has a lot of objectionable content in its programs during what is called the "family hour."   By the way, I used to really like Nip/Tuck. Watched it every Tues night religiously. I haven't seen it since the season that ended with revealing who the slasher was. That episode was bizarre. I liked the drug dealer with all the tattoos. Before that, The Shield was my favorite show, but only the first season. I loved the acting and the stories. Then the first show of season 2 started out with 2 men pleading in Spanish for their lives while gasoline was being poured all over them. They were tied or chained to tires. One was set on fire and began to scream and the other kept pleading until he was set on fire. When they showed the 2 of them kicking and screaming in agony as they burned alive, I changed the channel and never watched that show again. Although sex isn't usually violent, I had the same experience watching Nip/Tuck. Totally loved the show. Then one of the seasons started graphically showing Christian having sex (definitely not love making) and switching to showing Sean trying to do the same with his wife who is pregnant. I think Christian was with a mother/daughter. I understand the point the writers were trying to make, but I just don't need to see people naked "doing it" on the tube all the time. I like realism, but I guess I thought it was too much for me. Lana Turner, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Gina Lollobrigia, Vivian Leigh. Lee Remick..even Marilyn Monroe, Faye Dunaway & Rachel Welch...didn't appear naked in the movies acting like wild animals, and they were some of the sexiest women in film. I was in love with Warren Beatty, but I never saw his behind either. (not that I can remember)

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